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The Wizard of Gore / The Gore Gore Girls (Blood-Drenched Double Feature) (1972)

The Wizard of Gore / The Gore Gore GirlsI've been a fan of both these films for years and owened them on multiple formats and can honestly say both films have never looked better, as a matter of fact these films shouldn't look this good considering the time period and budget they were filmed for. both still have minimal print damage and cigaret burns, but does not detract from the enjoyment of the films, just gives it that grindhouse feel. both have great commentarys and a H.G. Lewis trailer gallery and poster gallery. getting both these films for under $10 is a steal, highestpossible recomendation. you can throw away your dvd's now.

I love these movies and the blu ray transfer is awesome The Wizard of Gore is my favorite of the two.

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For what it's worth, this is probably the absolute best these films will ever look. If you're searching for reference quality images, you probably don't know anything about Hershell Gordon Lewis or his films and you're better off looking elsewhere

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Fans of the classic drive in genre can rejoice knowing that Image has made the effort to release the films of Herschell Gordon Lewis on blu-ray. That's not to say the movies are spectacular in any way, but fans of H.G. and the films he made will be dancing in the street knowing they're now available in high format quality. Which seems odd since the movies were released on about as low a quality budget as was possible. In any event, the movies are a part of movie history, though at the bottom end.

The first film, WIZARD OF GORE, is the lesser of the two if that's possible. Montag it Magnificent is a magician who performs the standard tricks until the finale of his show. At that time he pulls out all stops and taunts the audience to decide if what they are about to see is real or merely an illusion. His first finale is to saw a woman in half. But this isn't the usual fare. Instead, he does so without placing her in a box but has her entire body in view. Pulling out a chainsaw, he proceeds to saw her open, guts and blood spewing forth in great profusion. Moments later the stunned audience watches on as the girl rises from the table, unharmed. The only problem is that later that night she goes to a restaurant and before she can order she's found on the floor saw in half.

A local talk show host having seen the show the night before with her boyfriend sportswriter sees the body being carted off and it accidentally touches her hand. The next day when she tries to get Montag on her show he declines until the bloodstain appears on her hand, a stain that only he can see. He invites her back that night and she goes this time to witness another grizzly scene, a woman with a spike driven into her skull. She too walks away unharmed only to be found later dead of the same injury seen onstage.

Just who Montag really is and how he's completing these gruesome murders would be the normal movie one would expect to see. Instead we get all sorts of goofy speeches from Montag about illusion and reality and a twist ending that would have seemed half smart had the rest of the film not been so bad. Worst of all is Montag himself, played by . When the term ham actor comes to mind from here on out this is the actor I'll see in my mind's eye. Couple that with some tremendously bad make up that has his hair changing color from white to brown and eyebrows that look like they've had shoe polish brushed over them and you have one really bad movie.

THE GORE GORE GIRLS is the better of the two films. Had this story been done with a bigger budget, better actors and a better script it could have been an A picture. The idea is quite good, it's just the execution that's lacking.

The dancers at the local strip club are being killed off in gory fashion. Heads opened, eyes gouged and more should be a reason to chase people off from visiting the joint but they continue to come to watch the go go girls dance away. The local newspaper hires top private eye to investigate paying him top dollar to do so if he'll give them the scoop. He takes the job and the money and begins tracking down the killer.

Following a trail of clues and suspects he frequents the club where the girls work. This gives viewers plenty of time to see the main reason folks went to see this movie, semi-clad women shaking everything they had with the limited restrictions of the time. For those who don't understand that means pasties and panties are the wardrobe of choice.

Between sleuthing and dancing we witness the killer strike again and again in even more blood and guts scenes than Lewis has done in the past. It was the thing that brought people to see his movies and he delivers the goods.

As I said, this movie at least has a plot that you can follow and that makes sense. It was done, as were most of Lewis' films, on a budget set just below shoestring but the heart and soul that he put into his films is seen on display on screen.

H. G. Lewis may not be a familiar name to the majority of people. He probable will never be honored with an Oscar. But he was a pioneer of the times and did create a genre, the gore film, which has been copied and replicated over and over again. The biggest difference between his films and those being made today (other than budget) was that he was at least attempting to make something different, to offer a story that the gore became a part of rather than the center of.

Movie lovers who remember the days of the drive in will want to pick this one up. It may not be the best that was offered in that locale, but it is something memorable.

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