Friday, September 5, 2014

The Matrix Reloaded / The Matrix Revolutions (Two-Pack) (2011)

The Matrix Reloaded / The Matrix RevolutionsI won't comment on the movies, you likely know what you are getting into. I liked the sequels, but I never got them on blu-ray, content with my dvd versions. Instead I got The Matrix tenth anniversary edition on blu-ray. I loved it!

What this dual movie pack gives is the critic and philosopher commentaries that were only available on the Matrix Trilogy box set for these movies. Both of those are fun to listen to, and can be insightful at the same time. And it's for that reason (along with the great price) I purchased this!

In case you're wondering these movies do not come in separate cases. Both discs are in the same box.

Didn't bother me one bit. I'm happy with the purchase.

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...but the low price and single size blu-ray small packaging almost make it worth having. A wrap-up to what was an extraordiary, ground-breaking flick that should have been left alone in the wake of these.

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I am a big fan of Matrix Trilogy, so I was always going to like this one. I wanted to buy the trilogy special edition, but found out that if I buy this twin pack and then The Matrix separately then it costs only half as much as three together will cost. Most of the special editions will come with a lot of behind the scene footage, interviews, and interactive stuff, but in my experience I end up watching only the movie most of the time and all this other stuff perhaps only once. Since both these movies are loaded with tons of special effects it makes perfect sense to own it on blu-ray.

I recommend.

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Love the Matrix series-especially in Blu ray. Wished it was in 3D. These movies look and feel so real. Get it!

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