Friday, September 26, 2014

Big Nothing

Big NothingThis is one of the more enjoyable "bumbling amateur criminals" movies that I've seen.

It's a UK/Canadian production but it's set in the U.S. and it stars David Schwimmer in my favorite movie role of his to date. His lugubrious manner is perfectly complimented by bouncy, James-Cagney-like Simon Pegg, a British comedian donning a perfect American accent. Their screen chemistry is wonderful.

Joining them is another Brit with another perfect American accent plus tremendous sex appeal, Alice Eve, playing a third kooky wheel in this unlikely team of extortionists. I gotta say: the acting by everyone (Brit, American, and Canadian) is top-notch.

The script by Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Andrea and American Billy Asher tries to avoid cliches -or at least improve on them -and Andrea's direction gives the film a slightly surreal touch altho the film retains a down-to-earth quality.

That surreal touch plus its dark quality may limit this film's appeal, but those who like terrific acting and fast-paced fun may revel in that appeal.

(To people who have already seen the film: there's a difference of opinion here and at the Amazon UK site about Simon Pegg's accent. I think that those who are familiar with Simon Pegg will be influenced by that familiarity and find his accent strange -while those of us who aren't familiar with him will find his accent perfect, albeit energetic, Midwestern. Can you click on the "comments" link below my review and reveal (1) if you were familiar with Pegg before this movie and (2) how succcessful you thought his accent was? Thanks.)

I loved this film. The first "gothic comedy", I would say! It's very funny, yet surprisingly dark. So you'll go from laughing your head off to jumping in your seat thinking "WTF"? A very original movie based on a classic premise. Pegg rocks, as usual, I'm a huge Spaced fan and wasn't disappointed! Definitely a geeky yet intelligent movie, worth watching a few times. Laughs and shocks guaranteed in equal measure. Awesome soundtrack too, are they going to release it?

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Just a joy for me to watch! I haven't ever been let down yet by Simon Pegg (the guy from Shawn of the Dead) and his wit plays off of Schwimmer's drollitivity(?) perfectly. The chick is dynamite and she mentally kicks the crap out of the two men who are smart enough to acknowledge it with just the right amount of self deprecation. The plot constantly twists and turns and the comedy is all black. That's key for me. Give me laughs couched in morally questionable (or directly sinful) situations and I'm happy as a clam.

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Big Nothing is actually a pleasant surprise to me personally.

I thought it was going to be a really average movie considering who was starring in it. Turns out, not only is the movie interesting, I might even go out on a limb and say it's a classic in some kind of weird way!

The MANY plot twists, the comedy and drama segments combined *perfectly* to keep your attention, and just *every single line* that's delivered by the characters... wow what a film! I'm seriously quite shocked just how good it was. I never would have expected a quality film of this level.

Anyway, the story is about two guys and a woman who come up with this complex plan to take someones money over a pay phone... but many MANY things go wrong along the way, including some murders and trying to cover their tracks and explain themselves to the police, and it's just incredible how exciting the storyline is. I'm by no means a fan of that guy from the hit TV show Friends, but something about his performance here... he totally nails it.

This is the kind of movie I'd like to watch again to catch all the little jokes I may have missed, along with trying to figure out exactly what was going on the entire time (because let's be honest, with so many things happening at once, it's real easy for your mind to get a little bit confused at times!)

And WOW is Alice Eve a hot actress! Watching her in this movie in that "bad girl" role, she was incredibly attractive to me, and fit the part perfectly. Great movie.

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This movie is by far on of my favorite movies! I recomend this movie to anyone! buy this movie!!!

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