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Diary of a Mad Black Woman: The Movie (2005)

Diary of a Mad Black Woman: The MovieI went to see this movie the first weekend that it came out, and I wasn't disappointed at all; I saw the original play, and wasn't greatly impressed with it, but seeing the movie, I enjoyed it very well. Kimberly Elise and Shemar Moore gave great performances; Of course, Tyler Perry playing three roles simultaneously was just as good and I applaud him; Cicely Tyson, of course, gave a gem of a performance helping her daughter become more stronger even though she herself has been wronged; I have heard the good and the bad about this movie; I have heard that Madea is just another stereotypical role model that we need to get away from; But let's be honest, how many of us can attest to a Madea in our family? or at least pieces of such a woman? This was one movie that sex and profanity wasn't splashed forward and yet, the critics bashed it; Yet, I found it a good movie, and can all of us who supported Mr Perry opening weekend be wrong? I don't think so; Look forward to the DVD.

I applaud the earlier reviewer, Ramsess Gray from Fayetteville, NC. Thank you for standing up to all the other so-called critics who trashed this movie. I thought this was an excellent movie from beginning to end. In his big-screen debut, Tyler Perry delivered big-time, no questions asked. Darren Grant, Mr. Perry, Kimberly Elise, Shemar Moore and the rest of the cast were second-to-none in my opinion. I loved each of the characters Mr. Perry played himself, especially gun-toting Grandma. She was funny & very entertaining throughout. As far as best picture and/or any awards are concerned, I think Mr. Perry should have as good a chance as anyone to win an award in some category(ies). Also, in my opinion, Kimberly Elise should win something for her role. And for that matter so should Darren Grant & Shemar Moore. But that's only my opinion. The movie was very entertaining and it had all the qualities you could ask for in a movie. It made you laugh. It made you cry. It made you happy. It made you sad & it made you proud, all in about 2 hours time. I'm sure this movie is not and will not be for everyone. We all have different tastes. All I can really say is "watch the movie for what it is", and that's entertainment at it's best.


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literally rolling in the aisles at time! i had no intention of renting or buying this dvd until my neighbors were raving about it, plus all these grest customer reviews here at! finally i said ok, let's have a look. was i ever glad i did too!yhe cast is impeccable, the script hilarious, everything about this film worked out just fine! the film is a complete head trip from start to great finish! all the acting is superb, the dvd transfer is gorgeous, and the gospel score sounded magnificent as well! do treat yourself to this one as it will blow you away. happy 4th to all, and happier 'diary of a mad black woman' viewing pleasure to everyone out there! it really is one fine film.

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i saw the movie version first & so was pleasantly surprised to discover that the two versions were handled SO differently -so much so that they are BOTH worth seeing & (in my opinion) owning. there are some different characters in each & some of the situations are handled differently, but the overall story remains the same &, of course, madea is HYSTERICAL no matter where she goes! :D i also enjoyed the father character in the play version a lot better than the movie version's joe (joe was a little too real-life disgusting for me -i was having flashbacks to someone i know in real life! =:O) & i LOVED the strong-in-the-Lord singing mom, ESPECIALLY when she sings that song about rebuking the devil -you GO girl! i also enjoyed the fact that there seemed to be a little more Jesus in the play version -the movie version seemed to have more of that "sanitized" hollywood feel? i.e. cleansed of explicit references to God, Jesus & the Bible -which i don't blame mr. perry for & i praise God that he's getting his plays made into movies & reaching a wider audience with the Message \o/ -you GO dude!

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I saw the movie before I got this play. If you have seen the movie you need to see this as well. Other than the songs being too long, it was great. Please don't go in with the mind set of it being like the movie because it is not. Some of the characters are different. So of course the outcome is different. Daddy Charles was a good character choice addition to the play. You will laugh. This play if definitely funny.And it gives you something to think about.

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