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Black Rock Shooter OVA Limited Edition Set w/ Petit Nendoroids (Blu-Ray & DVD Combo) (2012)

Black Rock Shooter OVA Limited Edition Set w/ Petit NendoroidsThe Black Rock Shooter Limited Edition Set was amazing! Everything was awesome. But what they might want to include is the size of the droids. They were small enough to fit in the palm of your hand... either way they were still very well done and very cute. Everything was brand new and the box itself was very cool, the only problem I had was that my Dead Master figure had one of it's horns broken when I JUST opened the package. But it was an easy fix, all I need was super glue. Other than that, it was amazing! And the anime had subtitles for many languages. In my opinion, it is the best OVA I have ever watched. I would highly recommend buying this item if you love Black Rock Shooter, Huke, or if you are a hard-core anime fan.

I'd like to start by saying that Black Rock Shooter was an idea, a drawing, next was a song by Supercell, and now an OVA of epic proportions. [Burakku*Rokku Shu-ta-] is set in the year 2050 and the heroine is a young girl who became a living weapon and the last hope for mankind. Her weapons range from her fists or hands, black katana, and her black rock cannon, but the story has shots of another world with Mato Kuroi starting junior high school. She makes a great friend named Yomi Takanashi and their lives are good until the outcome of the two worlds collide and start combining before the two girls eyes. The music is awesome in this show because the majority of the tracks are recorded by Ryo who also recorded vocaloid songs for Hatsune Miku and the theme song for BRS is sung by Hatsune Miku. To end this without giving off the story, Black Rock Shooter is my favorite modern action/drama/fantasy animation of this generation and I will enjoy my collector box set and Black Rock Shooter THE GAME on PSP this September. I hope this review was helpful and informative.

If anyone want's further information regarding Black Rock Shooter feel free to ask me and I'll kindly get back to you.

Buy Black Rock Shooter OVA Limited Edition Set w/ Petit Nendoroids (Blu-Ray & DVD Combo) (2012) Now

The film is great, original animation and art and story. The plot makes you wonder where everything is going but it slowly but surely leads to the inevitable.

The story is basically: Mato is a high schooler who befriends the new girl Yomi. They become close friends but one day something happens to Yomi. From the start, as this is going on, two characters in an alternate dimension are fighting. The fighters look an awful lot like Mato and Yomi and the connection between the two worlds is the mystery.

This collection also comes with storyboards, two chibi Nendoroids of Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master, and some promo stuff.

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This was a Christmas gift for my son and he absolutely loved it. It was shipped very quickly and packaged very nicely. Overall a great product.

Want Black Rock Shooter OVA Limited Edition Set w/ Petit Nendoroids (Blu-Ray & DVD Combo) (2012) Discount?

The "Black Rock Shooter OVA Limited Edition Set w/ Petit Nendoroids (Blu-Ray & DVD Combo)" is an amazing movie that beats record. I ordered it by the company "AOYAMA&CO. / bring JAPAN close to you!" and even received it 22 days before the estimate receive date! :)

Box including:

*Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid Petit

*Dead Master nendoroid Petit

*DVD n Blue Ray of the movie (7 language Sub)

*Frame Book of the movie (Japanese only)

I'm glade to have it and listening it over and over again.

the nendoroid petit are awesome, pretty a nice add to get those limited edition! ^^

the Nendoroid are pretty small but really cute too!

I know that it have Mato and Yomi Nendoroid Petit, so for those that want to continue the collection, it also have an other Black Rock and Dead Master Nendoroid Petit from the same compagny.

(little clue for completing a collection)

It also have the "Frame Book" of the movie in the box, but sadly I don't understand Japanese so... stuck at that point...

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