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Queen's Blade 2: The Evil Eye (2008)

Queen's Blade 2: The Evil EyeThis is a review of the BluRay version of Queen's Blade 2. For those who did not see Queen's Blade 1 the basic story is that every four years beautiful women warriors fight it out to decide who will be queen. This battle was instituted by the angels to keep even more devastating wars from happening. In QB 1 our heroine, Leina, sets out to escape her father (and sisters) and eventually travels to the capital city to join the the battle. Along the way she runs into many other warrior and a somewhat flaky angel, plus three minions of the evil swamp witch. QB 1 concludes with everyone arriving at the capital for the final battle.

The battle wear of the girls is almost always some brassier and a thong. Fairly quickly they lose almost all their clothes, thus gaining a 16+ rating. This fan service is not just once but almost constantly throughout the show. Queen's Blade 2 is not just the same, but even more so. There are three different closing credits scenes with the three different swamp witch minions, but all exude overt sexuality, with words to match. The artwork is very good, especially in blu-ray.

QB 2 is given over to the official battles in the capital for the queen's title. It rapidly becomes apparent in this show that the real evil person to be beaten is the old queen, who has been running around encasing people in stone. In fact the minions of the evil swamp witch are entered in the tournament. The swamp witch herself is never really seen anywhere in the series and is pretty much something of a non-player. During QB 2 each of the girls who entered the contest get a chance to battle for the queens title, even the flaky angel. Every warrior gets to work our her story so there are almost no questions left unanswered. Our heroine gains experience and strength with each of her battles until she gets to face the queen. The storyline stays engaging, thus really does deserving 5 stars.

There are a host of extras included, including 12 OVAs, opening and closing animations without text, and some interviews with the Japanese voice actresses at a Japanese anime convention.

If you bought the first Bluray you know the quality of the animation is almost flawless, absolutely beautiful animation, colors, and artstyle. The story might be very silly and indecent for those that are not into this genre... but if you're a fan of epic stories and fan-service driven anime, you will find it very entertaining all through out. Truly a must-buy of the genre because of the blatant over-the-top animation. Even with all the nudity and sillyness, they still manage to deliver a solid touching story, the score helps this quite a bit because it has that very heroic-feel... which makes it very emotional. It kind of makes you forget that the hero of the story and most of the fighters are half nude, quite an achievement I say, lol.


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Queen's Blade 2 continues where the first one left off. The tone of the anime is much the same as the first series. It's still women fighting women often missing important pieces of clothing. It's still on the lighter side in terms of emotional impact for a fighting series. I believe that only one character actually dies during the time frame of this series. The pace of this series is a little faster than the first one. I believe that once the battle start, the second or third episode, at least one battle is completed in each episode. Sometimes two or more. Besides the pace that the battles come and go, a lot of story elements happen outside the battles, plus the comedy elements of the first series continue on in this one. If you liked the first Queen's Blade, this is worth getting to complete the story.

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I bought this series since I had the entire DVD collection. I bought this to go with the Bluray first season of Queens Blade so I could make my own limited edition artbox. I did the same with my DVD collection of Queen's Blade, Ikkitousen the complete series beside Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny first three volumes in a nicely done art box along with my personal favorite of the DVD and Bluray High School of the Dead Art Box.

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But alot of fan service, even for a lots of skin exposed sword and sorcery fantasy, and they have a lot of it this has even more, but still very worth the watch for this title.

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