Monday, July 7, 2014

Michael Jackson: Moonwalker Blu-Ray (1998)

Michael Jackson: Moonwalker Blu-RayMichael didn't write a story he wrote an outline of what he wanted his movie to be like and someone just cashed in by saying he "wrote" a book.

Also it isn't worth more than $20. I bought this book on this site a month before he died for $8.00(s/h included) and it's a shame to see that the sellers up their price to make money off a dead man.

This is a great transfer to BD not available in the US. I've played it on my US PS3 as well as a different stand alone BD player with no issues whatsoever. The sound is excellent and the picture is good overall. Some of the sequences are better than others, but that's to be expected with the age of the source material.

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Finally able to update from VHS. I would have loved some of the extra out-takes from the original release

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Growing up this was my favorite movie ever and this movie will make anyone who is a fan of music a Michael Jackson fan.

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excellent movie. now that i've watched since long time, it seems better and i realized that it wasnt a movie it was just a copilation of music videos.

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