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Forbidden World (Roger Corman's Cult Classics) (1982)

Forbidden WorldCorman's Galaxy of Terror is usually referred to as a rip-off/cash-in on Alien, but that film has very few similarities with Alien. Corman's low budget schlocker, Forbidden World definitely fits the Alien rip-off bill much more accurately..

The film involves an intergalactic buttkicker named Colby(Jesse Vint) who's summoned to a science lab on a distant planet to check out an experiment that "got loose". And I'm assuming, to kick it's butt. Colby arrives at the station to find that "Subject 20" as it's called, has escaped, killed all the lab animals and locked itself away in the incubator for a little R&R before it goes on a killing spree. Colby spends a good amount of his time giving the two, horny and attractive scientist chicks something to study in the after hours. Meanwhile, Subject 20 finally makes up his mind to leave the incubator on account of some flunky who decides to open the incubator door to get a better look at it when he noticed it started moving. Now it more or less becomes Alien-Roger Corman's Alien, that is! That is to say, shameless and cheesy(it ought to be with a character named Colby), with a bunch-O gore and T&A.

Once again, Corman really stretches his dollar. This film had a smaller budget than Galaxy of Terror, though in some parts it actually looks a bit more slick than Galaxy. The Making Of.. documentary on the disc provides some interesting insight on how the film was made. The second disc is the director's cut titled Mutant(a much better title considering the title "Forbidden World" doesn't make a lot of sense in the context of the movie). It's worth a look, though the film didn't get the same slick remastering as the first disc, so it's a bit rough.

All in all, another great Corman disc from Shout Factory. Makes a good double feature with Galaxy of Terror(especially at about 3 AM).

I can not believe it has been 28 years!!!!! I was maybe 13 years old when my friends and I bootlegged this movie when one could still record off the main movie tracks!!!! I fell in love with this "Alien" knock-off movie for two simple reasons:

1. It kept me wanting to see what happened next.


2. The shower scene...need I say more???!!!

This movie was ahead of it's time with its play on the bio-engineering scenario. I loved the erotic intensity of the characters and spent many of long evenings with fantasies of the shower scene, the voyeur scene and the sauna scene. I loved the build-up of the creature roaming about making it a hunt for more then just a blood thirsty, brainless monster. It was a powerful play on men and women playing "God" with this creation that turns out to be a bit more then they thought it would be. I loved the B-movie play on it because it had more bite then many of these so called A-movies out today. It did not have CGI, it did not have your casual stand-ins for hard to do scenes, and it did not fall into the jittery home-made movie feel. It stood alone on a small budget, a cult following, and some of the most intense erotic sci-fi interactions between both humans and the creation. I am definitely pre-ordering this so it will be on my doorstep for me to expose my own children to something I could never put into words here but left me with lasting impressions for many years. As a writer of paranormal fiction this movie was one of the few to influence my build up on erotic vs. horror intensity. Give it a try, I can saw for the most part it will leave you panting for more, in more ways then one!!

Buy Forbidden World (Roger Corman's Cult Classics) (1982) Now

In an isolated lab on a barren planet, a group of scientists are experimenting with gene splicing to solve a food shortage. An experimental life form kills a bunch of lab animals and is contained in the lab where it spins a cocoon, and begins a transformation. When a bounty hunter is called in to contain the rapidly evolving genetic experiment, things get bloody.

I don't want to go into the story too much and spoil things for those who haven't seen this gem, so I'll mainly focus on the Blu-Ray quality / extras.

Long out of print on video, and previously available on a crappy (and ridiculously expensive)import DVD, Forbidden World finally gets the re-release it deserves on Blu-Ray!

A perfect mix of horror, sci-fi, gratuitous nudity, monsters and gore -Pure entertainment!

I have wanted to see this movie again for years, and had almost resigned myself to forking out the cash for the import DVD. When I saw that this was finally getting an American Blu-Ray release, I pre-ordered it immediately.

I was shocked at how good this blu ray transfer looked for a film this old! Extremely sharp pictures and vivid colors I haven't seen this movie for over 25 years, but I don't remember it looking this good. A couple of the darker scenes are a little grainy, but overall a very impressive transfer.

A list of contents:

Disc 1 Blu-Ray: Widescreen Theatrical Cut, Roger Corman interview, Cast and Crew interviews, special effects featurette, poster and stills gallery,theatrical trailer, several other New World trailers.

Disc 2 DVD : 'Unrated Director's Cut' (full frame) with commentary by the director.

Picture on the DVD is still pretty great, and it was interesting to see how the additional footage changed the tone of the movie The restored footage doesn't appear to be more graphic, it mostly adds a bit of comedy to the film.

Shout Factory did a great job on this one they seem to have put a lot of time and effort into what is arguably an obscure title. With the recent glut of barely upscaled DVD prints being shoveled onto Blu Ray, it's nice to know that some studios are trying to give the fans a worthwhile product Thanks for giving us something we thought we'd never see.

If you are at all considering a purchase, I highly recommend the 2 disc Blu-Ray set.

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Dawn Dunlap gets naked in frontal nudity twice in the movie. Worth the purchase right there. The whole movie is standard B-Movie drive in fare, which means nudity, violence, cheap plot, cheap acting, bad effects, laughable monster, and you'll need a couple of beers. Good Saturday night blow off movie.

Want Forbidden World (Roger Corman's Cult Classics) (1982) Discount?

FORBIDDEN WORLD, 1982, Color, 82 Minutes long.

Starring : Jessie Vint, Fox Harris, Dawn Dunlap, June Chadwick, 4 more.

Produced by Roger Corman

Directed by Jim Wynorski

FORBIDDEN WORLD Is Also Known As MUTANT, but do not confuse it with the movie MUTANT (1984) starring Wings Hauser and Marc Clement.

FORBIDDEN WORLD is a very rare Sci-Fi movie not available on DVD(in region 1) and hard to find on VHS. (It does exist on DVD in region 2 under the title MUTANT.) It has a great cast of little known but very competent actors. It is a typical Roger Corman/Jim Wynorski film low budget but very well done. And naturally there are several scenes of nudity.

On planet Xarbia, an elite group of researchers is threatened by "Subject 20", a man-eating organism which they accidentily created. Space Marshall Mike Colby (Jessie Vint), the best trouble shooter in the Galaxy, is called in to investigate. During his investigation, he manages to get in a steam bath with naked teenager (19) Dawn Dunlap. Later, Dawn and June Chadwick have a shower scene together. After this, the monster (Subject 20)has gotten so big and ferocious that it starts feeding on the researchers. Time for Mike and his robot sidekick to earn their keep.

Not as slickly made as ALIEN, but if you like Roger Corman movies, this is one of his best. Make no mistake about it, this is definitely a B movie,but it's one of the best. (Fox Harris is a hoot !)

I've seen movies that cost a jillion dollars to make that weren't

nearly as good as this one is.

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