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Miami Connection (+ Digital Copy) (1987)

Miami ConnectionOk, full disclosure, I don't yet own this blu ray. But I have seen Miami Connection several times and plan to upgrade my old vhs rip with this product (which merits the 5 star rating based on the assumption that the transfer isn't absolute garbage). Thus, I am giddy at the prospect that the world is now discovering the many pleasures of Miami Connection.

Miami Connection is an action movie, a study of what happens when ninjas tragically divert their powers toward the forces of evil & greed, a rock odyssey, an anti-drug screed, a glorious collection of poorly choreographed extras and slow-moving onscreen fighting, and one of the most endearing & endearingly hilarious films ever made. This is the un-self-conscious, unintentional version of what films like Machete, Hobo with a Shotgun, The FP, and the ending movie-within-a-movie in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure have tried to be.

"Tae kwon do is the *best*."

-Grandmaster Y.K. Kim, auteur of Miami Connection, purveyor of infinite optimism & brotherhood

"Friends forever, we'll be together. /

We're on top, 'cause we play to wi-in. /

Friends for eternity, Loyalty, honesty, /

Stay together through thick and thi-in."

-Dragon Sound, taekwondo practitioners, adorable roommates, hard rockers, community watch group, anti-powder drug warriors, stars & soundtrack of one of the most entertaining films of all time

"Only by eliminating violence can world peace be achieved."

-epilogue to Miami Connection, the movie event of our lifetimes

Also, Miami Connection is set in Orlando.

Let me just say I am a move collector of 80's horror, action, and martial arts and love movies like this. I remember seeing this on the shelf of West Coast Video back in 88. The box was different it was a "vhs big box" it looked horrible all the box said was Miami on it. It was one of those movies that was always on the shelf and no one rented and I always ignored it. I had no idea it was a martial arts movie til one night i finally rented it. It was awesome!!!! low budget, cheesy one liners, bad acting, but GREAT martial arts action. I had it on bootleg vhs then converted to DVD for my personal collection. When I heard it was coming back to life I said nooooo it can't be the same Miami Connection. So glad it is... The Bluray is really cleaned up and looks great. The extras alone are worth the 29 bucks I paid for the pre ordered. now I see its half that price, thats an awesome deal!!!! Two other movies come to mind while watching this KILL LINE, and LA STREET FIGHTERS aka Ninja Turf (there isn't one Ninja in it) They are both good martial arts movies with the same 80's low budget feel. If you like fun movies from the 80's with good fights, bad acting and hate Hollywood big blockbuster sell out movies for the the "sheep" then this indy flick is for you.

Buy Miami Connection (+ Digital Copy) (1987) Now

This movie has changed my life, and it has taught me all I need to know when facing the world.

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If you like your films cheesy and full of technical errors, you can't go wrong with THE MIAMI CONNECTION. I first read about the appeal of this film in an article in Entertainment Weekly and I just had to buy it. I'm glad I did. You don't get to see very many films this bad and still have a great time in the process. Recommended for all those people who like their 80's flicks colorful and nonsensical. You know who you are!

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Ninjas, terrible amazing acting,Titties, mouth fisting,foot nosing, blood, limbs cocaine, and the best soundtrack ever. What more could you ask?

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