Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday (Director's Cut) (2009)

Fridaythis movie had what the sequels missed out on, smokey. he pretty much made the first movie. such memorable lines in this movie at such quantities, it's hard not to like it. "how do you get fired on your day off?" "what you stealin boxes for, you tryin to build a clubhouse?" i have seen this movie at least 100 times and still never grow tired of it. whenever i can't think of anything else to watch, friday creeps up and inserts itself into the dvd player. great great movie.

of course deebo was a great villian. there is allways that big @ss thug that wants to prove that noone can step up to him. what a better person to play that role then tom 'tiny' lister jr. maybe that guy from the green mile. chris tucker was absolutely amazing as a pothead. i don't think anyone could have pulled that role off better then him. ice cube did a great job as craig and i don't know who played as mrs. parker, but she did a good job too. then you have the corrupt preacher played by bernie mac. hillarious movie from beginning to end especially when they did the flashback scenes with smokey taking a hit of angel dust and finding himself in deebos chicken coop.

this movie had one of the best soundtracks ever put together. everything from ice cube and cypress hill to rick james and 2 live crew. best placement in the movie for the soundtrack had to be when craigs girlfriend got out of the car all pissed off and hoochie mamma was playing in the background. the best hood classic ever.

This is THE funniest comedy I have ever seen. I agree with another reviewer: I can watch this movie a million times and never tire of it. It gets funnier and funnier each time.

Tucker stole the show as Smokey, who sells pot but who also smokes it and it's that love that causes him trouble in the middle of the film. But it's his lines and his mannerisms as Smokey that make him hilarious.

One of my favorite parts is where Rita pulls up to meet Smokey for a blind date. Rita, who said she looked like Janet Jackson but weighed a good 250 pounds says lustfully, "Ooo, what's up?" The expression on Tucker's face made me cry, I was laughing so hard: It immediately dropped as he gets an eyeful of her and says, "Not a damn thing!"

The movie is chock full of goodies. The delivery of the script is what makes this movie and everyone was cast perfectly for their parts.

Sequels were unnecessary because this stands out by itself.

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Needless to say this movie is a classic!!! I saw the movie was released on Bluray and bought it spontaneously. The transfer isn't as good as I hoped and I barely consider it an upgrade from the DVD. If you already own the DVD, then I'd recommend just saving your money.

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This is an amazing movie but the director's cut on blu-ray sucks!! they just ad some lines that kill the jokes! i remember this movie word for word! but the director EFFED UP!!!! WITH THIS VERSION!!!! DEFINITELY BUYING REGULAR DVD VERSION AND THROWING THIS BLU RAY AWAY!!!!

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The original Friday is a classic. The extra footage and material still bring new laughs to this viewer. Wish they would have added a copy of the original theatre release as well.

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