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Jumanji (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (1995)

JumanjiWhen Alan Parrish finds an old board game in a construction site, he has no clue what awaits him. When he and friend Sarah Whittle start to play, he is pulled into the game and she is chased from the house by bats. Fast-forward 26 years to when brother and sister Peter and Judy Shepherd start to play. They free a now grown Alan from the game, but in the process release monkeys, mosquitoes, and a lion. They realize they must finish the game to make everything return to normal. Reuniting with the adult Sarah, they attempt to stay alive long enough to do just that.

This movie is a fantastic fantasy/action movie. It starts out well, and the suspense continues to build until the climax. At the same time, it's got some great one-liners and funny scenes to break the tension. The entire cast does well with the material, including all the special effects. The special effects show their age today and are a bit more stylized then realistic, but they serve the movie well.

A word of warning to parents. This is a very intense movie. Even though it was marketed as a family movie, many small kids will be frightened by it. Keeping that in mind, you might want to preview it before you show it to them.

This DVD is a perfect showcase for the movie. The picture is sharp, and the surround sound puts you right in the middle of the action. There is a commentary and two documentaries from the special effects team that give you insight into how they brought the animals in the film to life. If you're looking to purchase this film, this is the version to get.

Jumanji is an action movie that gets it right. It has the perfect mix of character and story supported by special effects. Pick it up today and be prepared to leave your world behind.

Wow, can you imagine waking up on Christmas morning and finding JUMANJI under your tree? Talk about a game that would literally bring down the house! JUMANJI was critically bashed upon its release, but viewing it now, one has to wonder why. It has some pretty inventive special effects, and its premise is neat in that you never know what you get with the roll of the dice. Giant mosquitos? Spiders? Mad monkeys? A stampede of African animals? A crazed hunter? Floods, etc., etc. While the movie sometimes drifts off on unnecessary tangents, it's still a whirlwind of fantastical adventures. Robin Williams, the king of playing grown men who act like children, is remarkably restrained as Alan Parrish, a young boy who was sucked into the game back in 1969 and is released in 1995 by a young Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce. In order to stop all the horrendous things happening, they must finish the game Alan started in 1969, which includes his now adult girlfriend, lovingly played by Bonnie Hunt. Of course, the demented hunter (Jonathan Hyde in a dual role as the hunter and Alan's rather loutish father) doesn't want the game finished. Smaller children may find themselves frightened by some of the catastrophies that plague our heroes, but for older children and even us adult children, JUMANJI delivers.

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Robin Williams does a great job playing Alan Parish. He is one of the best adult "kid" actors there is. He plays a similar role in the film Jack.

The action is stunning, and the visual effects are awesome! The two kid actors did an awesome job playing Judy and Peter, and Bonnie Hunt does a great job portraying the ditsy palm reader-"Alan's girlfriend."

A very good film. A must see in this world of steriotypical trash.

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JUMANJI is one of the best computerized special effects movies out there. It's a Family Classic and based on the childrens' storybook JUMANJI. Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, and Kirsten Dunst are awesome.

JUMANJI is basically about a boy, Alan, and a girl, Sarah, who start playing this mysterious, enchanting old board game Alan found at a construction site during the late 60s. When Alan rolls the dice, he gets sucked into the board game's jungle and has to stay there until somebody rolls a five or an eight. The girl Sarah gets chased away by a bunch of bats who appeared when she rolled the dice.

Now, twenty-six years late, another boy, Peter (Bradley Pierce), and his sister, Judy (Kirsten Dunst), move into the same house that the boy Alan Parish lived in. They find the board game one morning in the house and begin to play it. To make all the animals and jungle plants go away, they have to finish the board game. At one point, Peter rolls the dice and out pops Alan Parish who is all grown up (Robin Williams), as well as a lion! In order to continue the game, the three go out on a "search" to find Sarah, who is too grown up (Bonnie Hunt). Everytime they roll the dice something bad happens to them: There's once a stampeed, a monsoon (the monsoon is my favorite sceen), and even a hunter who tries to kill Alan!

This movie is hilarious as well as charming and heartwarming. It is a divine film and a great movie for all ages. It's full of adventure and action, too. And even some romance. It has something for everybody. The acting is flawless, too. JUMANJI is definitely a must own to your Family Classics collection!

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Definitely a great movie worth the watching. The opening scene is a couple of 19th century boys who bury a box. They are obvioulsy scared it's a dark night and they can hear wolves. Despite their fear, they agree they must bury it. One nearly panics as steady drumbeats begins from the board. They bury it when one boy asks the other, "But what if somebody finds it?"

There is a deadly pause before the reply: "Then God have mercy on his soul..."

1969, a small town. Alan Parrish discovers the board and invites his friend to play the game. Yet they unknowingly unleash powerful forces and Alan is sucked into the game "until the dice read five or eight". His friend is chased screaming out of the house by bats.

1995 Two young kids discover the board in their new home and begin playing, bringing about the arrival of giant mosquitoes and a lion, and bringing Alan back. Yet there is no way out of the game except to finish it. During the course of the movie, everything from stampeding rhinos, to floods, to a crazed hunter with a machine gun appear all attempting to kill the players.

They succeed in ending the game and the board is eventually sent downriver, till it enters the sea. There is a quick epilogue of the characters and how their lives end.

The closing scene is the best. The board is lying on a beach. Two out-of-focus characters are seen as the drumbeats begins. One of them says "Qu'est-ce que c'est ce bruit?" The writing underneath translates "What's that noise?"

The movie incorporates the best parts of movies to create a really good movie comedy, drama and plenty of thriller/action with lots of good acting AND special effects. Worthwhile seeing, but not really worth buying in my opinion. It lacks something I can't quite put my finger on...

One thing I can say for it the sound effects for the movie are really really good in a house of horrors (trust me, I tried it!)

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