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The Missing Lynx (2008)

The Missing LynxThe family watched The Missing Lynx tonight and overall it was only pretty good. The story is about a group of animals being sought by a sinister hunter working for a mysterious boss collecting pairs of animals for his nefarious plans. The animation wasn't very smooth and the overall artistic quality certainly isn't as rich as Pixar or Disney offerings (not surprising given the film's origins from a smaller Spanish studio), but the characters were cute and overall the film is likable. The dialogue and writing weren't strong and the unfolding of the narrative was a bit clumsy, especially early on. My 5 year old son enjoyed the movie just fine but it wasn't nearly as entertaining for dad as recent releases like Despicable Me or Toy Story 3. A passable flick for the kids to enjoy and worth a rental, but not one we're likely to re-visit often.

I think the original dialog for this movie may have been in Spanish and lost something in the English translation. This movie would be a good example of what-not-to-do when creating multi-lingual audio tracks. Idioms must be specific to the spoken language of the target audience otherwise the dialog comes out flat...if that makes sense. It sounds as if Antonio Banderas himself (no offense) had translated the Spanish dialog to English and it did not work as well as it could have. I have noticed this in some other movies with multi-lingual or dubbed audio tracks. Otherwise, it has a good story, good video and audio quality.

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My 11-yr old daughter and I watched this together. She liked it and I thought it was only OK. This film was apparently originally made in Spanish, but is available in English as well.

The animation uses the now mainstream method made popular by Pixar films, though this film's animation is a step down from that you see in Pixar's productions.

The basic story line is that endangered species are rapidly disappearing. So, whenever an endangered or threatened animal is injured or is ill, it is taken to a reserve where it can heal and recover. But, an unknown organization is stealing endangered animals, and it isn't until later in the show that we find out you'll just have to wait, too.

Anyway, the story centers around a pair of lynx and the organization's efforts to capture them. The characters are OK, the voice actors are also, um, OK.

I was happy to watch this once with my daughter, but, frankly, it isn't good enough that I ever have to see it again. In fact, I'd rank this show even below Jimmy Neutron.

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This is a decent enough film, although both writing and animation-wise it is not nearly at the level of the major studio releases. It's about a group of animal friends that are held captive and escape, only to discover there is an even bigger threat outside the facility they were in someone is capturing endangered species for some presumably nefarious purpose. They have to work together to save each other and figure out exactly who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. The dialogue serves its purpose, but it's a little ponderous not much humor. The animation is about the same the animals are cute enough, but backgrounds and details are light, as is usually the case with straight-to-DVD/instant releases. So bottom line if you are looking for some quick entertainment for young kids, this fits the bill as an Instant release, but not sure it would hold up to multiple watchings in terms of buying a DVD.

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A great story about friendship and working together. Excellent voice characterization in the English version. The voices of Felix and Newman were very good. The character's physical forms were very good. Its easy to see that the main artist was from Disney. The animation was OK, but that's probably because we've become accustomed to Dream Works quality.

Its one of the few movies that I don't mind watching over and over again with my granddaughter.

I'm looking forward to more productions from Kandor Moon!

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