Friday, June 27, 2014

Renaissance (2012)

RenaissanceThis unique animated feature starring the voice talents of Daniel Craig and Ian Holm caught me off guard. The coloring is primarily black and white, yet the detail and features stick out. I'm often on the fence with animated features as they sometimes lack the liveliness of a live-action picture. This film started slow for me, but the story really picked up towards the end. Renaissance is a cool and unique animated futuristic thriller.

Source: 3-October-2012

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Loved the action and voices and thought it provoking. Enjoyed the movie immensely and wanted to add it to my collection

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Contrary to what Amazon says, this blu-ray comes with both French and English soundtracks. Unfortunately there are no subtitles in any language. I owned this on DVD, but the blu-ray quality is definitely worth it for me.

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Maybe it's just me, but I really like the movie. The storyline is progressive and well thought out. The whole presentation of the art is really enjoyable, for me... and, it's something that you won't find in any other movie... animated or not. Of course, I like the music and it's adaptation to the scenes. (Some is kind of creepy, but nonetheless appealing to the overall look and feel of the movie.) It's a permanent addition to my collection because it compares to nothing else. Just glad I happened upon the show to enjoy it and find something unlike anything else I'd seen before.

After purchasing the Blu-Ray, it becomes even sharper and more entertaining to watch, as mentioned by Timothy K. Bryant in earlier review... as well, from my perspective. It's really a visually stimulating movie, whether you like the storyline or not. Personally, I liked the story and it's many twists and turns. Truly, I wish the flick had been better reviewed by the masses, but here we are... in a digital-age of freedom... where no one makes their own decisions rather read the online and published reviews and form an opinion to what everyone else thought. Wish everyone could have an opportunity to watch it and enjoy the movie. I've shown it to many who've added it to their collections, as well.

I found it very impressive.

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