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Bakemonogatari Blu-ray Complete Set Limited Edition (2008)

Bakemonogatari Blu-ray Complete Set Limited EditionI realize it might not be everybody's cup of tea, but personally (it is my review haha) I loved the wordplay. Having already watched Bakemonogatari thru streaming sites, I fell in love every week with the episodes, including the online only ones. Now though, I see it on my PS3 and my hi-def setup. God, if my eyes could have orgasms, they would from having watched all fifteen episodes.

From Hitagi Crab to Tsubasa Cat, I was hooked in the tale of Araragi Koyomi, former vampire and chick magnet with a penchant for sharp retorts. The way that words are exchanged and twisted into different meanings had me cracking up for hours, and its mainly the reason why they didn't add a dub. It just doesn't work with the way the Japanese characters are manipulated, and the jokes just don't seem to work in English. I'm really glad there was no dub in actuality.

So yeah, I don't really want to say much else. For new people looking to pick this up, I realize the boxset is a little steep on the wallet (not sure if I got my metaphors mixed up...), but it is a story that will get you hooked for it's sequels and novels. For people who have already seen the series, I wouldn't really recommend buying it unless you really love it. It is better than paying as much as the Japanese did for the 5 separate boxsets that would total more than my monthly paycheck could afford, and the clarity from watching it in blu-ray is quite frankly, amazing. Only for the hardcore-est of the core. God i'm so lame.

I will give a better review when I have time, but this product is great.

The anime itself has a fascinating story. Easy to follow (just don't try to read all the subtitles right away for the cutaway shots)

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This anime as everything an anime otaku could ever ask for.

1-hi-brow theme

2-fan service

3-well developed and cool characters

4-impeccable artwork

5-stylistic art direction

And the list goes on...

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Worth the wait, definitely a must watch. This was seriously great . The series is incredible and really well thought of

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