Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Twilight Saga: The Complete Collection (5-Disc Blu-ray + Digital Copies) (2012)

The Twilight Saga: The Complete CollectionPicked this up at Best Buy, where it is "exclusive." The MSRP on this is $50, so I'm not sure why anyone would pay closer to $80 with shipping and all that.

It's just the movies, no special features or anything. Comes in a convenient extra thick bluray case (standard height, thicker to accommodate the extra discs).

Clearly the sellers here are scalping a few copies. If you can wait a week or two I'm sure Best Buy will have these restocked. Also anticipating other "versions" of the complete Twilight saga to be released to other stores. Find it hard to believe that Best Buy will get the ONLY box set to be released ever.

I've been waiting for all the Twilight movies come out, just for buying them all in a really nice box set... As it shows in the picture of this product, it looks like a thick box set, so I thought the movies were coming in this pack with each individual case and cover, for my surprise its a single box with all the movies inside (only the discs)... So I didnt like cause it doesn't come with the covers of each movie, neither information about them in this pack! Btw, the digital copies dont come in this pack, its comes with a code to you get them on line!

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The movies were fine. However, the quality of one of the discs (Breaking Dawn 2) just freezes in random places. The only way to unfreeze it is to unplug my blue ray player. No other discs before or since have this problem, so it has to be just this disc. I've tried it 3 times, and it still doesn't work right. The other issue is that no matter what settings I use, all of these movies are sized to about 4 inches of black frame around them, so they will not play full screen on my 42-inch flat screen. Again, other movies play just fine. I must say that I am disappointed in the quality.

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5 stars for the product itself, -1 star for the ridiculous Amazon price tag!

This product is a Best Buy exclusive. DON'T BUY IT HERE, you are being ripped off!!! This is $49.99 at Best Buy. Other reviewers have stated that this was a limited time offer and it is completely sold out and this set will not be restocked. This is incorrect! The Best Buy website (last I looked) said item was on back order. I went to the local Best Buy store (in May 2013) and they had a ton of them.

This is a great deal (for $49.99 at Best Buy) if you don't care about marketing fluff, fancy packaging, and all the extras. You get 5 movies on 5 disks all in one double-thick Blu-ray case. These are not director's cuts. There are no bonus disks of special features. If all you want is the collection of 5 movies in one compact case this is the one to get.

***I don't use the digital copies, so I have no comment on them.

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These movies are great! I have watched all of them. No problems. Would recommend them. Price was Ok. Could have been lower priced.

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