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The Coalition (2012)

The CoalitionBeing from Baltimore and an avid Ravens and T Sizzle fan, I had to buy this in support of our beloved, and oh so colorful "Ball So Hard" grad. This movie was filmed in Arizona, where Terrell grew up from 8th grade on, which says a lot about who he is right there. It's a great story, about a lifestyle that most of us are not familiar with, the pleasure side of some professional athletes' lives, the more playboy type athlete, and the women they have scorned. Needless to say, it is interesting to see how the women join forces, the coalition, for their revenge. It is an entertaining movie, and was such a pleasure too see another side of Terrell Sugg's passion of film making. We all know what he can do on a football field, it was great to share his other love. Working on a low budget, the actors were not A list, but did a great job, especially for those who had never performed before. It was not a great movie, but a great first movie for all involved making it. Congratulations to all of you. Here's hoping the next one will take place in your other home, "Charm City."

As an anecdote, Terrell also took a day trip to Las Vegas and bought some special dresses for Autumn, a character who evolved from a simple young woman, to a fashionable force to be dealt with. He was totally hands on for this production, and has great taste in women's and men's clothing, which he also wardrobed.

So, for a night of entertainment, and a look into a different world, try it! It's based on true events, but the names, and I'm thinking the sport have been changed to protect the innocent.

THE COALITION is co-written and co-produced by pro football star Terrell Suggs of the Super Bowl XVLII champion Baltimore Ravens. I know what you're thinking, straight-to-DVD romantic comedy co-written/produced by a guy who makes a living putting quarterbacks in the hospital? No thanks. Well, you're in for a pleasant surprise

THE COALITION, which is co-written/directed by Monica Mingo, is the story of a group of scorned women who form an unlikely alliance to get revenge on a superstar baller named Prime (played by ex-Seattle Seahawk, Eddie Goines) and his womanizing homeboys, after Prime replaces the film's ostensible protagonist, a successful, but desperate sister named Autumn (played by newcomer Ingrid Clay), with a sexy, but naïve Afro-Asian "good girl" named Skylar (played by former Hip-Hop video model, Denyce Lawton). We see this "ex-girl-to-the-next-girl" scenario play out in various ways during the movie's first act. In one particularly cold-blooded scene, Autumn receives a cardboard box with her belongings from Prime's house, including photos of the ex-couple with her face cut out, on the same day Skylar gets chauffeured around town for an all-expense paid trip to the beauty salon and health spa.

Of course, Autumn isn't having this, even though she has a man at home and is sleeping with one of Prime's best friends, and starts stirring up trouble in Skylar and Prime's relationship. While THE COALITION's plot may sound like an extended episode of VH1′s Basketball Wives (champagne will be thrown into face), it's actually closer to a feature-length version of Black Entertainment Television's equally-popular (and smarter) comedy/drama series "The Game" and its predecessor, "Girlfriends".

What makes this intriguing, is the fact that Terrell Suggs, one of the NFL's highest-paid defenders, has an intimate knowledge of this world, which makes you feel like you're getting inside information (it is, after all, based on "true events"). Furthermore, THE COALITION's storyline is highly-nuanced and none of its characters are actually who they appear to be, so viewers can expect a few well-placed twists.

All in all, THE COALITION makes for a pretty enjoyable movie night and is well worth a look.

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Did not really care for this movie. Just started out and moved too slow for me. I still added to my collection.

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I watched this movie and really enjoyed it! The storyline is engaging and the actors and actresses were impressive. I love Skylar's charcater!

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Finally a good movie free with Amazon Prime. Very well written and just the right amount of shocking twists. This covers everything (all situations) regarding basketball or athlete wives or girlfriends. I really enjoyed it! And am recommending it to friends. Good acting, except for the caramel gossip girl in the boutique; I could tell she was someone's someone who got a role. No bueno. Other than that. I loved it! Great job.

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