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Letters to Juliet (2010)

Letters to JulietI took a dear elder aged friend to this movie on a bad day in his life, hoping to distract him momentarily from events he couldn't do anything about. Instead, the movie re-invigorated both of us, and brought us repeatedly to tears. Say what you want about "feel good" movies, there are times when they are just what the doctor ordered!

Vanessa Redgrave is the heart of this film. The delicately fearless way she sets out to find her young lover, the grace with which she moves through the ups and downs of a process that could end in heartbreak, the care with which she brushes the young Sophie's hair...she is simply and purely lovely. Women d'un certain age should enjoy the possibilities she presents for aging beautifully.

I also suspect this movie was made after the death of Redgrave's daughter, Natasha Richardson, and so the scenes in which she calls Sophie "my darling" and loves her so freely are especially moving. Hollywood, listen up! Cast more Vanessa Redgraves, Judy Denschs and Helen Mirrens as stars in movies about life after 60, and you'll fill the theaters.

I went to this picture with my mom because I enjoy romantic films and adore Italian landscape. I was pleasantly surprised. The cast was absolutely charming, and I didn't come away with that "why did they have to put that in there" feeling. A true "feel good" movie. So many films go along nicely then suddenly BAM! an unexpected horribly sad plot twist. This gets worse than old at times. I'm a big Austen fan, and although she wrote with unexpected plot twists she always ends with a happy, if predictable, ending. And how do "her" film adaptations do?! Awesome! Let's hope hollywood learns something here. I hated to see the film end, and could have turned right around and watched it again. Way to Go! Some great young stars shine in this film. Hope to see them around again.

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This is the true story: In 19th century, people of Verona indicated a house as the residence of Juliet from William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." Later, in 1937, it became a tradition to go to Juliet's grave in Verona and leave Juliet a letter about one's love problems. In 1990s the amount of letters reached astronomical proportions and a group of volunteers, who call themselves "Club di Giulietta," took it upon themselves to answer each and every letter that's left for Juliet.

Enter Hollywood: A young woman named Sophie (played by Amanda Seyfried) on her pre-Honeymoon discovers a letter left unanswered since 1957 and decides to answer it. This sets in motion the entire movie and, lo and behold, the audience is following the film's characters through Italy's countryside in the search for one true love.

"Letters to Juliet" is a cute romantic comedy that has some pretty scenery and captures of Verona, Italy. The movie is rather unrealistic but in a nice, harmless way that makes the most critical of us smile. Although the film never transcends beyond the fairy-tale, it's a sugar-sweet movie that leaves a pleasant feeling.

Amanda Seyfried struggles with the responsibility of carrying on a film as a leading lady and Gael García Bernal is miscast as the fiance that never has time for Sophie. It's up to the film's elders to make the story compelling and Vanessa Redgrave shines as the woman who wrote Juliet a letter and is moved to search for her long-lost true love after fifty years.

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I went to watch this film last night, mainly to see Vanessa Redgrave, and Franco Nero acting together again, having seen them in Camelot a long while ago.

I am an old romantic, hence Camelot being my favourite film of all time, but I have to say Letters to Juliet will now come a close second.

It was a pleasure to watch, The story line was a bit cute, but enjoyable nonetheless.

I found some of the scenes quite moving. I know wether I am enjoying a film as I smile all the time and thats exactly what I did.

The scenery was wonderfull, and will encourage many visitors to beautifull Verona and the wonderfull Italy.

Pleasant, romantic, sceneic, funny, what more could you ask for. Curl up with a box of chocolates.

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I do not cry very often in movies, But in this one, OMG! I've almost drowned in my own tears...

Predictible? Entirely. Cliches? Another big YES!But the movie is never cheesy or corky and that's the reason it conquered me completly.

The film is simply beautiful( Franco and Redgrave meeting, the wedding cerimony and Vanessa reading Amanda's letter to her during the wedding reception soaked my kleenex). Vanessa and Nero are a very sincere tribute to true love and her performance is delicate and sensitive.

The two young guys are less charming but Amanda is adorable and sweet.

I highly recommend. What a beautiful love story! There's not such like this sort nowadays..

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