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Last Holiday (2006)

Last HolidayGeorgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) works in retail. On the side, she's in the church choir, and afterwards goes home and cooks while watching Emeril on TV. One day at work, she bumps her head and needs a cat scan. From the results of the CAT scan, the doctor then tells Georgia that she has a brain tumor and has three weeks to live. Upset and distraught, she goes home to look through her "Book of Possibilities" book (a book with all the goals she wants to achieve). Thinking it's all over, she takes a trip to Czechoslovakia. While there, Georgia has the time of her life. She bungee jumps, snowboards, and so much more. During her stay, people around her start wondering who exactly she is.

...a feel good movie, with a bit of a love story to it. Last Holiday is a smart comedy that will leave you thinking about life. Latifah is exquisite and also very funny. Two thumbs way up!

Queen Latifah stars in this endearing movie that forces the audience to question their own lives. Queen is told that she only has a few weeks to live, and she finds out that she has to learn a hard lesson about living life instead of waiting for the perfect time for things to happen. While this movie does force the viewer to think about life, there are some very funny moments. LL Cool J was surprisingly good in this film, and the rest of the supporting cast was wonderful.

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I just about never review motion pictures, but I absolutely had to say something about "Last Holiday." I have gone to see it three times, and I plan on seeing it at least once more before it is out of theatres, and I hope it comes out on DVD fairly soon.

Queen Latifah's performance is sensational as always, and she is perfectly cast. The supporting ensemble is also just brilliant.

Sure, this isn't Oscar material, and this won't break any box office record either, but this movie is the ultimate in life-affirming. It is true that the whole notion of the plot is rather cinematically cliched, but Latifah gets around this without a trace of sap on her fingers.

As the plot reaches its climax, it's hard to hold back the tears, at least if you're the sensitive type, and if you are not at least deeply moved you probably need to see a shrink.

You will indeed see that life is not about regrets; go out and fulfill your dreams and enjoy the life you have, because any day could be your last. The character of Georgia Byrd epitomizes this to pure perfection, and, as I said, it is profoundly moving.

And don't think you won't have a barrel of laughs, either. Go see this movie while you can.

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I saw this movie in Orlando a few weeks ago. You know it's a good movie when the audience applauds 2-3 times during the movie. Great cast. Queen Latifah is her usual cute, funny self. She's also regal in this movie. I had so much fun seeing this movie that I'm going again. Lots of funny stuff. And when the movie ended, I felt that warm feeling of happiness.

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Continuing my trilogy on recent Chick flix that are pretty darn nifty in their own right, I have chosen Last Holiday for many good reasons...

There are way too many sad little movies that make heroes out of simpletons, and show that love can be achieved under any (especially quirky or unrealistically dangerous) situations. This movie, thankfully, keeps a wonderful human tone to its characters.

Georgia Byrd (to quickly sum up the synopsis you know already) has just been informed that she is about to die. Her life is flipped upside down, even to the point where she turns the churches praise meeting into a "Why God Why?" moment. The humanity keeps a smile on your face, the way everyone is nervous when they are supposed to be, particularly in love matters. The way Georgia enjoys cooking, but doesn't eat it. (The neighbor boy has that honor.) Also the blunt truth that Georgia is suddenly able to vocalize once she realizes, "Hey, I am about to die, might as well say what I think." I believe there is a lesson there for myself I know. Sometimes we sugarcoat don't we?

Last Holiday is a chick flick by definition. Too bad, because I believe that guys will enjoy it as much as the ladies. The ones in the theater did. Its funny how we were dragged in there kicking and screaming and came out feeling really good about what we just experienced.

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