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The Sandlot (20th Anniversary Edition) (1993)

The SandlotI was nervous about replacing my DVD copy of this movie with the Bluray because it did not say on the case that it was 1080 p. And I have seen quite a few Blurays where the picture really isn't anything to write home about. However I am glad I did purchase this Bluray because the picture was awesome!

I just wanted to put that out there.

Very good movie and looks great in HD! Very impressive.

This was a great coming of age film that I cannot believe is now 20! My kids had never seen this, so I was excited to share the movie with them. Then loved the part in the movie with the monster dog, but I have to say that there is so much more to the movie than that. The movie is a great balance of humor and topics that kids today can relate to. The movie was well crafted and had a great cast. In watching this again I kind of question "where are they now" for a number of the cast members! This is a family fun movie that your whole family will enjoy, and this is a great commemorative edition to recognize the 20 great years since it first came out.

*I received a copy for review all opinions are my own*

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Now, don't get me wrong, this is indeed a great movie! I remember the first time my dad took me to the theater to watch this movie. It became an instant classic which I hope to pass on to my kids... The reason I'm giving it such an 'ok' rating is simply b/c c'mon!! it's a 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION!! These are supposed to celebrate the original! This one really doesn't. It's just the feature film, a behind-the-scenes featurette filmed back during filming of the movie, some TV spots, and movie trailers.... NO "Where are they now", NO reunion! What the hell kinda "anniversary" is that?! This could've easily been released at any time since the invention of the blu ray. I'm HIGHLY disappointed in the "extras" this 20th Anniversary Edition blu ray delivers.

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The Sandlot always struck me as a more kid-friendly version of Stand by Me. It's a frame story narrated by an adult who recalls one extraordinary childhood summer and a very special best friend. However, instead of a quest to find a dead body, it's a signed Babe Ruth baseball the kids are after, and what stands in their way isn't a bunch of older hoodlums with switchblades, but an enormous junkyard dog they call "The Beast."

More than coming of age, The Sandlot is about baseball . . . or the love of baseball. It's 1962, and in a sleepy L.A. suburb newcomer Scotty Smalls is feeling isolated and friendless until the boy across the street befriends him. Benny is the best player among a ragtag group of kids who do nothing but play baseball, except for taking an occasional swim. The other guys ridicule the diminutive Smalls for his lack of athleticism, but with Benny's support he gains acceptance. And what begins as an idyllic summer ends up a legendary one after a prized ball gets whacked over the fence into The Beast's abode.

It's a funny, fun film that holds plenty of family appeal because it has a wholesome Norman Rockwell vibe, and, as with any good sports film, you don't have to love the game to love the film. Other than a pack of trading cards, this 20th Anniversary edition contains no new bonus features. Still, it's nice having a DVD and Blu-ray in the same package.

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This is the best version of the movie out, period. Not that you really need HD to enjoy the Sandlot, but it doesn't hurt. One of the best coming of age tales out there, and a great film on baseball with lots of humor. Don't let you or your kids miss out on this one.

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