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Lottery Ticket (2010)

Lottery TicketThis Film is a blast! What makes it very funny is the way that it exaggerates all of the responses from everyone that comes in contact with Kevin, the lucky guy who defied the odds of 1 in 175 million to get all the winning numbers to win a lottery jackpot of $370 million.

Initially when he realises that he has won, he and his grandmother go into a frenzie that is simply crazy and totally hilarious. Next his best friend gets the news, its another wacky scene.

As the story goes along, in spite of trying to keep his good fortunes a secret, soon everyone in his 'hood is in his house seeking a piece of the action, and a mad on foot chase scene unfolds. You really need to see this... its a belly full of laughs. Additionally overnight Kevin's fortunes change also with a lady (Nikki) that he was admiring.

But, there is also a very serious side with this film. Kevin gets involved with a thug/bully and a mobster that suddenly get an acute interest in him and his newly acquired fortunes. So, although this film has some very funny parts, it also shows the pitfalls that those that might acquire wealth suddenly can fall into.


[1] There is also some irreverent humor as a Pastor zooms in on Kevin in order to lock in on some of his funds as well.

[2] Rating: PG but still contains strong language.

I just want say something in regards to any negative reviews regarding this film. First of all, this film is a comedy. Nothing more. Nothing less. All political correctness should go out the door when it comes to viewing a comedy film. Secondly, this film delivers on what it's advertised to be. A comedy. Yes, this movie does ask the question of what would you do if you won the lottery. The character in this film does, indeed, make the choice that will not only benefit himself, but, also others. I, for one, loved the film and would recommend it to anyone who wants to see a true comedic film. Much props to Bow Wow (whose acting does seem to get a little better with each film), Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Brandon T. Jackson (who had everyone laughing their guts out), Charlie Murphy, and everyone else involved in this film. Also, notice how I didn't go deep into the plot of the story. Many of you can read that in the description box. I, for one, am tired of reading these "reviews" that go so deep into the plot description that it literally repeats what is written in the product description. Get on here, write about the movie in brief terms, state your opinion, and be done with it. LOTTERY TICKET is a winner. I will definitely own this film on DVD when it's released.

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This movie wasn't "roll on the floor" funny, but it wasn't "stab me in my eyes" boring either. It was a cute predictable comedy. Glad I didn't go to the theater to see it, but enjoyed it on a boring Saturday night at home.

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It is fun and funny from beginning to end, you find yourself repeating

some of the quirky statements as well as acting them out, for all of us

that plan on winning the lottery and what not to do.

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