Wednesday, November 27, 2013

K-On 3

K-On 3Standard of animation A++

Music A+

Stories B++

Pace B

Character development A

Dubbing A++

Extras C+

Packaging A+

Okay, this is the third of the entertaining K-on! series and I got it as soon as it was released in Australia last month (November 2011, in fact). If you like K-on!, you'll probably want it. The blu-ray is excellent and it features some of the most vivid animation I've seen. A very high quality product indeed. The pace of the three episodes here is perhaps a little more leisurely than I like and things get frustrating for the new girl, Azusa, in the Light Music Club I hope we see more rehearsing and performing in volume 4, due for release next month in Australia. The characters are all well developed and there are some laughs, some warmth and the occasional moments of "bentness", usually coming from the girls' music teacher and mentor, Sawako Yamanaka (Sawa-chan, as she's known). It's all good harmless fun and I think many fans of anime would like this series. It is not as side-splittingly hilarious or as sharp as Azumanga Daioh, but there is plenty to enjoy.

Okay, a couple of small complaints. This is a blu-ray DVD, right? Then how come we only get three episodes? This volume cost the same as volumes 1 & 2, which both featured four episodes. So that bothered me a little. I read that volume 4 will only feature 3 episodes, too. This wouldn't be such a bother to me if there were more in the way of extras, but there aren't. The extras in the current three volumes are not generous. Normally, I wouldn't mind this IF there were more episodes per blu-ray. It is nice to watch the interviews with the American cast, but there's plenty of room left for more. I would like to have seen at least something from the Japanese side of the show, after all it is a Japanese TV show. I am not an original language chauvinist, and I will happily watch shows in either Japanese or English depending on my mood. But I would have liked to meet either the Japanese creators of the show or meet some of the Japanese cast in the extras. Maybe the last disc in the series will provide this? I do have some animé DVDs and Blu-rays without many extras at all, if any. I don't mind that if there are more episodes or a full length movie is presented.

So, there you have it: volume 3 of K-on! an entertaining and beautifully produced series that looks fantastic in hi-def.

I knocked off one star because only three episodes were offered. But what's there is good.

K-On is an excellent Series, Combining Musical Features with Reality, Making it feel like you are apart of a band! (I have Previous Band Experience.) Going through the motivation, and fun events and learning about each-other more and more.

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Great lighthearted series about a group of high school students joining a music club that I would recommend for anyone or even families to watch.

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K-On! Vol. 3

Fans of Azusa can rest easy, Bang-zoom set aside the manga translation of Azu-meow (UGH!), and instead decided to keep the logical choice of Azu-nyan.

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