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Any Day Now (2012)

Any Day NowI saw this movie about a month ago at the Landmark E Street Cinema in Washington, DC. Glad to see this now finally has a DVD release date.

"Any Day Now" (2012 release; 94 min.) brings the story of Rudy (played by Alan Cumming) and Paul (played by Garret Dillahunt), how they meet in California in 1979, and fall in love. Rudy comes to care for his neighbor's teengage boy with Down syndrome (Marco, played by Isaac Leyva), as Marco's mom is a drug addict and in any event doesn't care for Marco one bit. Eventually Rudy wants to adopt Marco and Paul (an attorney) tries to build a legal case for it. This of course creates all kinds of problems, as the justice system is not designed/prepared for a gay couple to adopt. To give away more of the plot would ruin your viewing experience so you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out, although I will just say that I did not see the end coming AT ALL.

Several comments: first, while this movie is about a gay couple, please don't call it 'a movie about gays', as "Any Day Now" simply uses these circumstances to showcase the absurdities and shortcomings in the California legal system of 30 years ago. Second, Alan Cumming gives a brilliant performance as Rudy, and confirms yet again what an enormous talent he is (watch him sing "I Shall Be Released"!). Third, the movie is a great time capsule of the late 70s/early 80s, with remarkable attention to the visual details of those times. Last but certainly not least, the 'disco' soundtrack to this movie is a lot of fun, I heard songs I had not listened to in many, many years and while there are a couple of disco staples (Marty Balin's "Miracles" and Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way"), there are a lot of other less obvious nuggets as well such as France Joli's "Come To Me" and Betty Padgett "It Would Be a Shame". The closing credits bring a brand new song from Rufus Wrainwright, a very nice "Metaphorical Blanket". Bottom line, this is one of those "little" movies that could, and I far more enjoyed this movie than I thought I would. "Any Day Now" is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Saw this movie with my boyfriend in the theater, it was a change of pace from mainstream Hollywood. It touched on a topic that is usually left alone. It was a risk that the directors and writers took but a rewarding one. I was impressed and recommend it :)

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The film takes place in West Los Angels 1979, but clearly it is about legal cases currently in the system.

Rudy (Alan Cumming) is an out of the closet female impersonator,and not a very good one. While on the job at Fabio's he meets Paul (Garret Dillahunt) a man who looks like Jon Voight out of "Midnight Cowboy." They become an item. Rudy lives in a run down apartment next to a coke-prostitute named Marianna (Jamie Anne Allman). She has a son, Marco (Isaac Leyva). Marco has Down Syndrome and Marianna is a terrible mother.

When Marianna gets busted for prostitution and drugs, Rudy cares for the child in order to keep him out of a foster home. Paul joins the family as they become the emergency legal guardians of Marco. When Paul's lifestyle becomes exposed, prejudices abound and lives change dramatically.

The film is well acted. The action moves slow, but steady. The film contrasts the gay care free disco music of the era to the angst of our gay couple. Make no mistake about it, this is a pro gay adoption movie. I am sure this film will convince anyone that we need to allow gay couples to adopt kids with Down Syndrome nobody else wants...and as the title suggests, 14th amendment equality will come any day now.

Parental Guidance: F-bomb. no nudity. M/M implied oral car scene, 2 men in bed hugging/kissing.

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Just finished this movie and it is heart wrenching to see two people who love a child with disabilities be discriminated against because of their personal sexual orientation. Love comes in all forms but people are too worried about sex between two men, focusing on their moral beliefs, even though it will keep this child safe from harm if they allow the child to remain with the men.

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Any Day Now is a sad, poignant, brilliantly made film that is so relevant for the issues we face today. Alan Cumming gives an unforgettable performance. Garett Dilahunt is transformed and Issak Leyva is a star. My friend Don franklin kills it as their lawyer.

This is a film everyone MUST SEE!

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