Saturday, October 19, 2013

When They Were Young (2011)

When They Were YoungThis DVD is awesome!! I bought this to have some good NBA action to watch after the season ended. I'm on deployment in Iraq and this gives me and my battle buddies a great source of entertainment between shifts. The segment on Kobe is my favorite. Deffinately a 5 star buy!

Pretty cool show! It was awesome to see all these superstars getting their start. It's easy to recall players like Lebron taking the league by storm, but I had forgotten just how much KG and Kobe had paved the way, putting in serious work straight out of HS! And Dirk, LOL, take a look at his early days and tell me you thought that dude would be chomping up the Finals like he did!?!

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My sister just contacted me and told me that this was a big hit as a birthday gift for a teen that is extremely interested in basketball..

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Purchased these dvd and it does not play in Australia why do you send them to an Australian Address

Do I return them and get my money back

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I was looking for more action prior to them entering the league (while they were in highschool)....not what I was expecting. Disappointed!!!

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