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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (2004)

Dodgeball: A True Underdog StoryI guess my husband and I just don't have the sophistication needed to appreciate "films," because this movie is just our type! We actually had to stop the DVD a couple of times to compose ourselves. My stomach hurt so much from the wrench-throwing and car-dodging scenes. I know it's stupid, but it totally cracked us up! If you want to watch something that requires no thinking but entertains you to the max, give this one a try.

"This is where dodgeball was opium addicted chinamen." This movie is perfect. It was never meant to be some critically acclaimed opus....actually, the more I know about most critics the less I care what they think but this movie is a perfect 90 minute smilefest with wonderfully warm performances by absolutely everyone in this film. From the two main stars all the way down to Chuck Norris.

I absolutely love everything about this film. They actually have a guy who actually thinks he's a pirate. Justin Long says "no doy" and did that guy by the jukebox get killed by a dodgeball? The direction is spot on, the writing is fantastic and everyone on the screen is absolutely the best person I can imagine for their respective roles. Also, there is something so funny about a rhino-skin playground ball smacking someone in the chops. I could never grow tired of watching this film. It will put you in a good mood....isn't that what entertainment is about?

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Dodgeball is one of the greatest movies ever made. The movie is about Vince Vaughn leading a group of misfits to win a Dodgeball tournment to save his gym. The movie is funny from the beginning to the end. Ben Stiller plays a great villian, White Goodman a sucessful gym owner who uses a whole bunch of funny and stupid sayings to every phrase. Rip Torn does a great job as Patches O'Houllahan, the Average Joes dodgeball coach who says the now classic line "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball". Also you can't forget Christine Taylor and Stephon Roots great performances and my favorite in the movie Steve The Pirate.

Buy this movie, it is great. Best Sports Movie Ever made.

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My wife and I saw this on opening night and laughed ourselves silly the whole time. The comedy here takes all forms from subtle, to slapstick, to sexual references. The plot is standard small guy vs. big guy, but is very rewarding nonetheless.

Ben Stiller plays a fitness club owner who wants to buy out his neighbor's club. In response, Vince Vaughan's character is about to fold but gets together with some of his friends (one of whom is a pirate, who is absolutely hilarious the whole time) and enter a dodgeball competition. The rest is somewhat predictable but hilarious anyway. This movie is not about plot, it's about laughs, and luckily there are more than enough to last.

If you liked Dumb & Dumber, Pet Detective, etc. then get this DVD. You'll be laughing for days.

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Really..that's it..VERY basic, no need for thought if you're watching this movie..seriously...You have a great cast of comedic actors portraying funny characters...some good physical comedy as well..Stephen Root's character of Gordon is great! Plus Steve the Pirate..Steve the Pirate? Yea..Steve the Pirate!! cmon..Just the name of that character alone rules!!(and the character himself is pretty damn good) Throw in Rip Torn as Patches O Hoolahan, and Hank Azaria playing a younger Patches (in a wonderful B&W instructinoal video from the 1950's telling Timmy to take a break from that fine lead based paint to learn the wonderful game of Dodgeball) and you got soem serious laughs....and remember..this movie IS stupid and that's the whole point..go with it!!

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