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The Hollywood Knights (1980)

The Hollywood KnightsI've been waiting ever since the early 80's for this movie to come out for sale; it'll NEVER be mistaken as enlightened moviemaking but if you like low comedy you'll be rolling on the floor with this one. Inspired by the earlier "American Graffiti", this adaptation is played much more for laughs and tries not to take itself too seriously. The music is great, something for everyone who enjoys 60's Rock & Roll; and the cast includes several who went on to at least semi-stardom, such as Robert Wuhl (Arli$$), Tony Danza (Who's the Boss?), Fran Dreischer (The Nanny) and of course, Michelle Pfeiffer. Like "American Graffiti", there's also a serious side: one of the Knights is about to ship out for Vietnam the next day, the movie's way of saying that this was an age of innocence that was just about to change into what the Late 60's became. However, the main plot is that it's Halloween night, the drive-in's closing for good the next day, and tonight's the night to go all-out with cruising, playing pranks, and getting initiated into the gang! A HILARIOUS movie!

The real star of this movie is Robert Wuhl, whose Newbomb Turk character steals the show. This is the kind of movie that had an inexplicably short life in the first run theatres before trickling down to the local "buck-a-seat" houses. That was where I first saw Hollywood Knights, on a night when I was so bored that I took a chance on a no-name comedy and parted with my hard earned dollar. I've rarely recieved so much bang for my buck since. If you like this one, give it's fellow classics Spring Break and Porky's a chance also.

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"There is a man in a Major Domo outfit..." If you have seen this movie, you can easily finish this sentence. This classic mix of "low-brow" humor and early 60's ambiance is great fun. Look for Leigh French (formerly the Hippy hostess Goldie in the old Smother's Brothers Comedy Hour) as the society do-gooder pushing to get the local teen hang-out closed down once and for all. Robert Wuhl is outstanding as Newbomb Turk and Fran Drescher shines as his girlfriend. I have a VHS copy I play whenever I want a good laugh. The Hollywood Knights is a classic you'll want to watch over and over. I can't wait to get my DVD edition. Just thinking about it makes me want to launch into a refrain from "Volare"!

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This 20-year old film is not to be missed. This coming May, 2000 will be the first time it will be available, so make sure it's on your list of movies to check out! The film takes place in 1965 at "Tubby's" Drive-In. The central character is Newbomb Turk(Robert Wuhl)and his rambunctious gang of "Knights" running around their Town and playing funny pranks on themselves, the bumbling police and their school. Hollywood Knights is considered to be the clone of the many "Drive-In" type movies, most notably, "American Graffiti"(1973) but I guarantee you will laugh your socks off. This film is also notorious for featuring the debut performances of, Robert Wuhl, Fran Drescher and Michelle Pfeiffer. Tony Danza, Stuart Pankin, and Gary Graham also appear.

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If anyone knows what part of the movie my title is from then you to should be an honorary Hollywood Knight. I am glad that I am not alone in thanking the higher powers for releasing this classic movie. I can't tell you how many times we sat down as a family in my childhood and watched this movie! Yes, I did say my childhood. Hell your kids are going to learn about the raunchy but hilarious hijinks in this movie someday anyway. We too discovered it on HBO and Cinemax in the early 1980's. We made a VHS copy of it but someone actually stole it a the pizza shop my brother worked at! At Easter this year we got to talking about it and my brother told me that it was being released and I am now the proud owner of this movie on DVD. My Dad is coming over this weekend and I can't wait to watch it with him again. Since all of us kids have grown up and our family has gotten a lot bigger we now have more people to share it with. However, we ruin it for them because we recite the lines!

To the viewer who said they mention Tony Danza's name you are wrong. They mention Tony Nancy who is a custom car builder. If you don't believe me check the credits and you will see that he stars in the movie as himself.

I could write more but I think I am about to go past the 1,000 word limit! With a movie this good that is easy to do.

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