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Ink (2009)

InkI bought Ink on one single recommendation from a stranger on a forum here on Amazon. I've never been so pleasantly surprised by a blind movie purchase in my life!

Ink is an independent film, not with an enormous budget, but it doesn't stop it from being an incredible film with gorgeous visuals. You can see how much work went into every single second of this film. This movie stands out among everything else I've seen in a long time. Absolutely unique. The acting was fantastic, especially the acting from the young girl Quinn Hunchar, playing the character Emma. The ideas were original, the characters interesting, and the plot was engaging. And the ending... prepare for one hell of an ending. And some of you will need to keep some tissues close... A description on the back of the package compares the movie to Brazil, Donnie Darko, The Matrix, Dark City, and Pan's Labyrinth. I would definitely group it in with those films, although it is not a ripoff of any of those films at all.

Quick synopsis: there is another world, a dream world where two sides are fighting to control our dreams. Some our bringing us pleasant dreams, and others, the incubi, are bringing us nightmares. A battle ensues over the soul of a little girl named Emma, trapped in their world while in a coma... and the deciding factor falls on two men: John in the waking world, Emma's father, and Ink, a rogue warrior in the dream world, fighting to rid himself of his scars and shame.

This movie is absolutely incredible, please do yourself a favor and check it out.

I read in Joblo that this was "absolutely one of the best movies of 2009" and I am always on the lookout for good fantasy so I had to see it. Th trailers were great and the reviews were great, but none of them capture how good this movie is. I watched it hoping for a good scifi flick, and ended up with tears in my eyes. It's brilliantly edited, visually incomparable, and well acted. It's the kind of movie you will watch multiple times and continue to uncover new elements of the story. Yet it's still amazing on the first viewing. Get this movie and be prepared to be confused AND entertained! Hahah. DEFINITELY, one of the best moves of 2009. One of my favorite fantasy flicks ever.

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I saw Ink at a film festival in Annapolis, MD. I was unprepared for both the power and the originality of this independent film. It is the story of a young girl who lives in a dark dangerous world where different forces having fantastic powers try to influence dreams for good or for evil. The girl is being raised by dysfunctional parents and is put into danger by a creature nicknamed, "Ink". The effects are fantastic for a film made without the benefit of traditional industry funding. The suspense and fully realized characters are the equal of any "Hollywood" film and it was the best film I have seen in years.

Ink is filled with unique, original characters and you will fall in love with the character of the little girl. I literally could not take my eyes off the screen due to the fact that I really cared about what was going to happen to these people. This is a film I guarantee you will never forget. Don't miss it!

I hope the success of Ink propels Jamin and Kiowa Winans to make many more remarkable films.

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I'm not surprised by the number of bad reviews this movie got. It seems to be epidemic in the reviews I see here on Amazon. If you're every wondering how seriously to take a reviews just check the other reviews an individual has written and sometimes you'll see a pattern that might help you make up your mind if a film is for you.

This wasn't so much a movie in my mind as just a really well told story. It reminded me of the Firefly series with regard to the quality of acting and dialog. The actors are really comfortable in their characters, which is what makes any story real. This isn't something I would let my kids see, at least not until they were in their early teens. This isn't for kids, it's a story that parents should watch, or anyone who may be a parent soon. Life gets strangely tougher and tougher the older we get, and it's easy to lose our way in the perceived complexities. This story is about a father who loses his way after dealing with tragedies and unhappiness in his life, and how the kernels of goodness in him help him to come back from edge of true destruction. Yes, the language is realistic for people going through tough times, and yes there is some fighting (actually underplayed I though for how well those scenes were choreographed), but the interactions between the Storyteller, the little girl, and Ink are what make the story.

I'm an former straight-leg infantry soldier (for those of you who know what that means) who grew up in the deserts of Nevada, I have an awesome wife, two young children, and a busy work life. I've seen some life; and as simple as this story is, it brought tears to my eyes, and was one more nudge back towards remembering what's important in life. If you could use a little of that, I highly recommend this story. Good luck all you travelers out there...

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Shot high contrast in a hazy, diffusion filter (probably post-production effects) this film effectively evokes the dream state, which is its subject matter. Not as brilliant as a David Lynch dream sequence, yet not caricaturized. It has a "Dark City" feel to it but less existential and, for lack of a better word, more dreamy.

The plot fails to capture until maybe half way through, but ultimately satisfies despite some cliches and awkwardly misplaced dialogue.

For my taste and the reason I bestow 4 and not 3 stars the cinematography saves the film. The birch forest shots are truly breathtaking. Also memorable is the sequence orchestrating the protagonist's car crash. Good stuff there.

The soundtrack compliments the subject matter and style nicely and offers a few memorable high points. It's something I might buy if available.

Overall a 3 star movie for most people I suppose. I bumped to 4 based on my own bias for beautiful shots and pleasing soundtrack.

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