Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lady for a Night (1942)

Lady for a NightJoan is a riverboat queen who runs her casino with the aid of political boss Wayne. I saw this movie years ago in California and thought it was corny but cute. Certain scenes are rather ludicrous such as the raven in the window foretelling evil ahead and the malevolent presence of Blanche Yurka as Julia Alderson lingers in the memory for her campy playing. Yurka tries to poison Blondell when she tries marrying into the Alderson clan, but alas the potion is drank by a family member and guess who is charged? There are several musical numbers such as Blondell singing "Up in a Balloon" . A harmless way to while away an hour.

If you don't expect anything amazing, you'll enjoy this film. It's well-intentioned and could have been more, but it just doesn't have that magical chemistry that makes for a great movie. The plot is a bit hokey and predictable, but it wasn't trying to be anything more than that in the first place. Not a must-see, but a nice southern romance full of intrigue type of movie to sit back and relax with.

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If John Wayne is in it, how can it be bad? Joan Blondell and the Duke make a pretty good pair.

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this also helped compleat my set still want more of the early ones i have not got the man betrayed yet

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