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BuckNeither my wife nor I had heard of the movie Buck. We went to see it because it was close to our motel in downtown Grand Junction, CO. It was spellbinding. Both my wife and I truly enjoyed the movie. It was an unexpected treat. Though it may seem to be about horse training it is really about life though Buck's life in particular. It will appeal to a far wider audience. I hope this movie goes in wide distribution because I think this movie would be enjoyed by many more than might see it in the limited distribution theater network. This would be a good parenting movie. I plan on buying the DVDs for my kids who are in their 30s, and maybe a few friends. See this movie.

I have known Buck for over twenty years and had horses in my life for over 40 years. I work with horses and use them to help humans who have survived trauma, who have physical challenges, or those who simply want to learn to be around a powerful, gentle, sensitive creature. Horses are the mirror for the human condition. If you are unbalanced they will not choose to approach you. If you have good, calm, welcoming energy they will be drawn to that. If you are angry forget it, they will have nothing to do with you. I am delighted with the accurate portrayal of Buck. Kudos to Cindy Meehl and crew on a documentary well done!

If you are not a horse person, you will gain insight into how people can overcome. That old adage that, 'abusers grow up to become abusers' is simply not true. I have several friends that are in the mental health field and they love the film.

If you are a horse person you may find a new path to getting more done with your horse by doing LESS sooner.... ah, that old gem: prepare for the transition and the transition will take care of itself...

Buck is holding the bar high and hoping we can all aspire to finding softness and harmony; in ourselves, with our horses, and in life.

This film is a treasure, we have been invited into the lives of some very special people. Watch it, look in your "mirror" assess what is reflected there, change where you need to then go share. Pay it forward and the world will be a better place.

FYI I've seen this twice now with friends and would go again if asked while it's still up on the "big screen" every time I watch it I get something new.

Enjoy & happy trails

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You walk away with a better understanding of people, and hopefully more respect and understanding for living things than before you saw this film. And that is worth a lot.

So, don't think it's just all cowboys and horses, it isn't really that at all, only on the surface.

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Buck Brannaman is the "real enchilada", a man for whom it would seem the term, "cowboy" was coined. Enduring beatings from their abusive tyrannical father, Buck and his brother were professional trick ropers by the time Buck was 4 1/2. After their mother's death, authorities finally removed the boys from their dark home life. Through the love of his foster parents, Buck managed to leave his haunted past behind, though not without heavy scarring, on his soul as well as his body.

As one of the interviewees pointed out during the movie, perhaps "tortured souls", such as she calls Buck, have a special sensitivity to the horses they help that the average trainer lacks. Whatever it is, Buck's feel for the horse has enabled him to help thousands of horses with their "people problems", as he is wont to call them. "Buck" follows Brannaman as he takes to the road for nine months of each year, giving 2-day clinics all over the country. There is even footage of his daughter, Riata and her girlfriend, as they accompany him for part of the time, as well as Mary Brannaman, Buck's wife of many years.

Fans of Buck Brannaman will slurp this movie up like a kid eating ice cream on a hot day. But its appeal is far broader than just for those who love horses. Scenery is excellent, the music is catchy, and there are scenes of working cattle, Californios roping with Buck and Riata, and what most fans probably are looking for, Buck doing his thing with horses with issues. More than this, though, is the weaving of Buck's past through the film, along with footage of some of the Western horse world's greats, such as Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt, mentors of Brannaman.

As if all this weren't enough, "Buck" shows how oftentimes clinics are about more than getting a handle on your horse. As Buck says, the horse is our mirror. Owners' issues are reflected quite accurately in their horses' attitudes and actions. And when Buck begins to pull threads on the horse, you can just about bet, one or two ends will be firmly attached to the owner. Tears and other emotions often rise to the surface, and people usually find they learn more than they'd imagined they would, at day's end. Sensitive he may be, but Brannaman pulls no punches when it comes to giving "tough love" to his clients. If they ask, he will tell them what they need to hear, which is many times far different from what they may want to hear!

"Buck" is nicely done; not too long, with just the right mix of lightness, humor, and drama to keep viewers' interest high. And ultimately, the scenes of Buck on a horse just shouldn't be missed. No one sits a horse like Buck Brannaman! See it; you'll be glad you did! I can't wait for the DVD!!!!

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This was a "no holds barred" documentary during which Buck candidly shares his thoughts on many subjects, not only those related to horses. Having had a troubled childhood, Brannaman matured into a really fine adult who has helped a lot of horses, as well as many people. The sequence near the end of the movie shows that some horses are actually beyond help. However, during most of the movie we can see how well he handles horses that others find to be problematic. He has real respect for the animals and, in most cases, they seem to appreciate it and respond in kind. This movie should appeal to more viewers than simply horse lovers.

Paul Baragona

Raleigh, NC

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