Sunday, September 21, 2014

WORLD AIRPORTS : Sexy St Maarten (2011)

WORLD AIRPORTS : Sexy St MaartenI almost don't know what to say about this one. The Blu-Ray quality is excellent. They alternate between airport views of takeoffs and landings, and in air footage, which is unique for Just Planes. And, they do what I have wanted them to do for a while in the Blu-Rays, which is take us on whole flights from one angle, instead of cutting in and out. So we fly in Twin Otters from island to island, sometimes in the cockpit view, sometimes hanging outside the aircraft, sometimes in the cabin. All good.

We get every Boeing jet model except early 737 and 777. Lots of 737 variations, 717, 727, 747-400, and 767. Airbus 320, 330, and 340. Brazilian too. Plus many different prop planes including a former Eastern Air DC-7, and a former Western Air as well. All good.

The runway ends at the beach, as in you could throw a shot put from the beach to the runway, the aircraft pass less than 50 feet over the beach on landing, and the jet blast on takeoff literally blows people away.

Try this:

to see a photo of what you'll see. The aircraft landing: good, particularly the KLM 747-400 landings and takeoffs.

On the other hand, we get lame classical music instead of ATC on the cockpit portion of the in flight. And, about half the time the runway video is watching the fools on the beach. Fun the first couple of times, but mostly a waste as the video goes on. Bad.

And the ugly. There are numerous cheap shots of women in and out of bikinis on the beach, and fat guys in speedos. There is actual nudity at least three times, and not of Playboy model cute women, this being a topless beach. There is a gratuitous shot of a bent over woman from behind with small bikini bottoms. You might not want to show this video to your kids. It's at least PG-13 if not R rated.

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