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Wild Hogs (2007)

Wild HogsI am not one to usually write reviews on movies, and I can't stand the people who try to analyze every little aspect of movies and write novels of their opinions instead of just enjoying them for what they are entertainment!! That being said, I saw this with my mom, and I thought we would fall out of our chairs we were laughing so hard! I LOVE funny movies, and VERY rarely do I see one that makes me laugh this hard, so I just had to write this since the critics were so awful to this movie. Travolta, Allen, Lawrence and Macy are great together, and I didn't know that Ray Liotta (one of my faves!) was in the movie. This just made it even better! The entire movie was excellent I can't wait to buy the DVD in August!

Wild Hogs is a typical midlife crisis movie. Four men, who have been friends for years and who suit up in leather and ride to the local bar and grill regularly to hang out, suddenly wonder what happened to their lives. They all realize, one by one, that they've hit middle age and fallen into a rut, and they decide to take a cross country trip on their bikes to get out of it.

This is one of the more entertaining movies I've seen in a while. What made it for me, however, was not the plot or even the comedic moments but rather the excellent performances by a great cast. John Travolta plays the cool-guy-in-a-midlife-crisis role perfectly, and Tim Allen pulls off his when-did-my-life-get-so-bland part flawlessly as well. Throw in great performances by Martin Lawrence, a man desperate to get out from under his overbearing wife's thumb, and William H. Macy, a geek who hopes he can FINALLY do something that will make him cool, and you've got a great group of main characters.

Macy's performance is probably the most surprisingly good of the bunch. He's downright hilarious in this movie as the 'rebel nerd.' And Ray Liotta is excellent as the villain, the antagonist who tries to refuse this group of "Wild Hogs" their right to ride on the grounds that they're not real bikers.

This is a very funny movie and is sure to keep you entertained. With a relatively unoriginal plot this may not have been a great film if not for the excellent cast, but these guys will have you cheering for the middle-aged suburbanite and longing for the open road yourself.

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Instead of listening to the critics who have savaged this film, check it out yourself and you may actually enjoy it. It's a story that almost anyone 40 or older who has ever dreamed of riding a motorcycle can relate to. The central characters are four middle aged guys, Doug (Tim Allen), a dentist who hardly knows the meaning of fun anymore, Bobby (Martin Lawrence), a henpecked plumber, Woody (John Travolta), a lawyer who, with his supermodel wife and lucrative career, seems to have it all but has secretly fallen on hard times and Dudley (William H. Macy), an extremely naive, geeky computer programmer. The four decide, once and for all, to live a little and to take a cross country road trip on their Harleys. Along the way, they have a series of misadventures that really get interesting when they run into the Del Fuegos gang who's leader Jack (Ray Liotta) takes an immediate disliking to this bunch of yuppies pretending to be real bikers. The guys later find themselves in a situation where they have to truly rely on each other as men and as friends and where they have to really be open and honest with themselves and each other.

The only real fault I found with Wild Hogs was the interaction with the gay cop which could have been completely left out. However I found the film as a whole to be fun to watch and made me want to get myself a Hog and take a cross country trip myself. This movie doesn't take itself seriously (It's a comedy for Chrissake!) so the critics shouldn't either.

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Hollywood needs to rediscover the lost art of movie comedy. "Wild Hogs" is "City Slickers on Harleys" minus the humor, inventiveness and overall good taste. The filmmakers take every conceivable wrong turn and waste a fine cast in the process. You may get a few chuckles from this inexplicable box-office smash, but you'll probably hate yourself in the morning.

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This is a cute movie, kind of a First Wives Club for men. A movie where aging professional guys go on a week long motorcycle riding trip to reclaim some of their youthful exuberance.

The movie is a funny parallel to real life, as the actors in this movie are also aging professionals looking to inject a little excitement back into their careers.

There are a number of humorous moments along the way, many of them involving the shy William Macy.

But John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, and Tim Allen turn in good performances as the other Hogs.

I also enjoyed the antagonist Del Fuego biker, played by Ray Liotta, and the charming cafe owner Marisa Tomei, who plays the potential love interest for Dudley (William Macy).

Watch this movie and take a break from the serious side of life. Let out your inner hog!

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