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Two Can Play That Game (2001)

Two Can Play That GameTwo Can Play At That Game is a very interesting movie. Whoever says this movie isn't funny hasn't been in a relationship before. Point Blank. Through each characters strategic tactics I see myself. I say holdup hold up ...I ve done that before. Anthony Anderson basically makes this movie though. This man is too funny. He emphasizes the important words in the sentence to get his point across and his voice makes it hilarious. This is his best acting performance. Vivica Fox gives women a few unnecessary pointers ( from a man's perspective at least ) but she does keep it real. Morris Chestnut does excellent as well. The movie is fast paced as Vivica Fox and Anderson each play their cards at the situation they are given. They play it like a chess game and the `rules' are funny at times. The girlfriends (Tamala Jones, Wendy Racquel Robinson and MoNique )really act like real friends and they have good chemistry together. The movie wasn't too long and didn't bore me to death as most love stories do.

When I first saw it I couldn't really understand why Morris Chestnut was moping around. `I'm not gonna call, I already called twice, can't be desperate" lol. I was like man if you don't quit b!tchin...But then I remembered that Vivica Fox is finer than a mutha. I'm surprised he didn't cry. Shante takes him through a grueling three day process where she hardly even speaks to him and breaks up with him. The only useless day was day six. There was no purpose for it. The funniest part is at the end when she expects him to be at her house waiting on her with flowers. I could have told her beyotch please that aint gonna happen. And then when he didn't show it was just hilarious. I was like "ahhh that shhh didn't work" and then five seconds later she's like "I know what ya thinking...the shhh didn't work" By then I was on the flo rolling. It was so funny.

The good thing about this movie is that actors really seemed like they enjoyed playing the roles. The movie is fast, fun, lighthearted, and entertaining. A nice classic chill out movie. The narrating didn't bother me at all. I recommend seeing this film.

This is perhaps the best romantic comedy I've ever seen. Vivica's character catches her man out on the dance floor when he said he'd be working late. He explains but she's determined to keep him in line by punishing him. It's hilariously funny and very romantic. A must see!

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I was reluctant to go plop down money to see this movie, having heard that is was exactly like the numerous African American movies that have hit theaters over the past several years. After all too much of a good thing can be a turn off. However, after deciding that it was easier to just go see it instead of continuing to wonder about it, I took in a Sunday matinee.

For the duration of the film, I was grinning, shaking my head, and sometimes ever laughing out loud. Vivica Fox has never been a favorite of mine but I have to give it to her: she played the role of Chante extremely well. The supporting cast (the main reason I finally went to see it) were outstanding as well.

Doug McHenry has made a career out of producing and directing witty, entertaining films. Great job once again.

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The acting in this movie was great. Vivica A. Fox plays Shante, a woman who catches her boyfriend Keith (Morris Chestnut) cheating with her rival Conny (Gabrielle Union). This movie is funny and the stars do great jobs, especcially Union. If you liked "How To Be A Player", "The Brothers", "The Wood", and movies like that you will love this.

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Miss Vivica Played the part in this movie. She was professional and very to the point. Everyone who played in this movie did a very good job. This is real live rather you believe it or not . This is how a lot of people play games but she did it with class. Mark Brown selected a good cast for this movie. I recommend it highly .

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