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The Muppets Take Manhattan (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (1984)

The Muppets Take ManhattanThe Muppets Take Manhattan is the third Muppet film and although not the strongest, it's sure to entertain the entire family. The story follows the Muppets on their quest to get their show, "Manhattan Melodies", produced on Broadway. It's a terrific story that hits at the core of what the Muppets are all about, namely putting on a show. Sure the music isn't as memorable as that in the first muppet movie (except "I'm Gonna Always Love You"), but you can't help appreciating the lengths to which the Muppets will go to entertain you. Singing chickens? Got 'em! Frogs with hair? Check! Unbelieveable action sequence? Of course, and it's unbelieveable in more ways than one! A Muppet staple is the cameo and they abound in this film. Everyone from Liza Minelli to Art Carney sets some screen time. Joan Rivers is particularly funny in her over the top make-up scene with Miss Piggy. For all you Trekkers, Gates McFadden even appears as a secretary to a con man!

The film is great entertainment, but this DVD has problems. First of all the digital tranfer isn't that good. Plenty of older films like Fantasia look stunning on DVD, but not this film. There is a graininess to the picture that can be discracting and artifacts abound. Sound is presented in only a mono format. Was the original film released this way? I don't know, but if so some mention should be made on the packaging, otherwise it feels like we're getting ripped off. On a positive note the film is presented in both a formatted and widescreen version. As for the other bonuses, there is a strange feature called "Muppetisms" that I can't really figure out. They are minute, minute and a half long segments featuring one or two muppets just goofing off and benign wacky. Not too sure what it's all about, but it was fun to watch once. By far the best bonus feature is the interview with Jim Henson. He talks a bit about the making of the film, how decisions are made and such. It's an incredible peek into the creation of a Muppet film. There is one glarig problem though the chapter stops are just little minute or so long bits of the interview. To see the whole thing you have to continually stop and start up again. It's a big mistake and makes watching the entire thing quite a chore.

My final word on this edition is buy it for the widescreen version of the movie only. The transfer isn't that good, the bonuses aren't that great, but the film itself is a real treat. Not the strongest Muppet film, but not the weakest either. If you have the video and don't care about widescreen, you can easily (and sadly) pass on this DVD. If not, pick this up for a fun romp around Manhattan that you and your family are sure to enjoy again and again.

I'll be the first to jump in front of a moving truck to ward off Muppet slander, but honestly I don't see how this is a worthwhile purchase. I love this movie, the great music, perfectly timed gags, what's not to enjoy? I'm not writing a review based on the content of the movie, but rather the lack of care this barely passable conversion/ 'upgrade' Sony has given us.

What a disappointment. We've all been waiting hungrily for the Season 4 of the Muppet show that's been dangled in front of us so many times, but then they push this (and Muppets from Space) out the door without any care to the consumer. Just repackaged on a bluray disc.

If you own 'Muppets Take Manhattan' on DVD, then you've got everything this has but with less advertisements that come with BluRay Live. Even down to the Jim Henson interview pieces, nothing on this is any different than the DVD version and that's half the price. No new Pepe interviews, just a reprint but on slightly nicer material. Granted, with Disney owning the Muppet franchise and the release of the new film, why wouldn't it have been quick and painless to add a few more worthwhile featurettes onto this? Fans can only wonder.

The quality is roughly the same with probably some slight adjustments but I don't believe it's remastered in the sense of seeing a night and day difference in the overall video or audio quality. This Jim Henson classic deserves a 5 for content but this product deserves roughly a 2. Thanks Sony for a mediocre product pushed out for Christmas/ Holiday consumption.

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The Muppets Take Manhattan is the last big-screen Muppet adventure from the late, great Jim Henson. It follows the gang graduating from college and trying to take Broadway by storm with their musical "Manhattan Melodies". After extensive self promotion they soon realise that breaking into showbiz isn't as easy as it might seem.

The third of the Muppet movies sees it's second release on DVD video. This newer release includes a nice interview section with the Muppet mastermind himself, Jim Henson. Apart from the wide-screen picture, the interview section is the best special feature on the disc.

The soundtrack is presented here in mono (did the original cinematical version have a mono soundtrack?) so audio digital remastering wasn't necessary.

Nevertheless, another fine addition to the Muppet DVD collection.

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I am totally in love with this movie!! It is my favorite Muppet movie, and one of my just general favorite movies! A fun, energetic and clever movie from start to finish! Fun songs, the incomparable fun characters created by Jim Henson and his team of geniuses! Fans of Broadway and musical theater, take note of this one too! :o) Tons of cameos make this film one you will have to watch over and over and contiunally enjoy! I've never grown tired of watching this one, I love it!

Want The Muppets Take Manhattan (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (1984) Discount?

Hi Ho, Kermit the frog's here and I'm not talking about

"Sesame Street". Join him with his Muppet partners Miss Piggy,

Fozzie Bear, The great Gonzo, Pepe and Rizzo. Kermit the frog

wants to get a show called "Manhattan Melodies" which is about

2 kids who come to New York to get married (which Kermit and

Miss Piggy do). But it does not work, so he tries to get four people to help. They are a restaurant worker named Pete, a girl named Jenny, and a father/son team called Bernard and Ronnie Crawford.

Don't miss the cameos by Art Carney, Brooke Shields, Dabney Coleman, Gregory Hines (whom we give tribute to since he died.

He was 57, also starred in films like "Tap" (Tri-Star) and

"White Nights"(Columbia) ), James Coco, Joan Rivers and Linda Lavin. Songs include "Saying Goodbye", "You Cant Take "No" For A

Answer" and "Together Again".

Also Recommended are:

"The Muppet Movie"(1979)

"The Great Muppet Caper"(1981)

"Muppet Treasure Island"(1996)

"The Best Of Kermit On Sesame Street"(1998)

"Muppets From Space"(1999)

This Film Is Dedicated To The Memory Of

Jim Henson


Tri-Star Pictures, Jim Henson Home Entertainment, CBS/Fox Video,

Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment, 1984, Rated G.

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