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The Hole (2012)

The HoleFirst off I must say that I loved this movie. I am a big fan of Joe Dante's work and it was great seeing him back behind the camera where he belongs. This is a great film for the family who likes to watch scary movies together. All of the young actors did a great job in their roles. I was so happy to see Dick Miller's cameo. It's not a Joe Dante movie with out Mr. Miller! My only problem with this blu ray is that they have decided not to release it in it's original 3D version. I have the blu ray from England and I have to say that the 3D is really used well in this film. Joe Dante has a great eye for visuals and seeing it in 3D the way he intended makes them all the better. Still, even in 2D this is a great movie and I recommend picking it up. If you can get a hold of the 3D version and have the equipment to view it it's worth looking for.

This was a wonderful film. I first saw it on Netflix on New Year's Day. I liked it enough to get the Blu-ray of it. It's basically a teenager type movie. I was expecting the older boy to act more maturely in trying to get his girl, but he didn't seem to care. So that was unexpected. A good treatise on overcoming our fears, however. It is almost packaged as a horror flick, but SPOILER ALERT: when my wife saw the clown attacking the younger boy, instead of being frightened, as she usually is with horror, she burst out laughing and could not stop. The demise of the clown was especially funny. Anyway, a very good job to the actors and a very good film. Happy watching!

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I had little expectation for this movie but found excellent acting, appealing characters and tight directing.

Also, good sets and film quality shame some larger budget fare.

Real chemistry between the brothers and the girl next door and all three characters provide surprising dimension

in a 92 minute movie.

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This movie is awesome!! I thought the acting from all the stars was top of the line. Especially the young co-star Nathan Gamble. He has all the makings of a future household name. His acting in every feature film, every guest tv spot, every short film, every skit...it's so professional, crisp, and dead on. This movie is no exception. I honestly think Nathan's acting outshone the other actors by a bit. Chris Masoglia was very cool as the brooding teenage brother. He did his part to the letter as well. And Haley Bennett gave a convincing and effective performance as well.

I'm so glad to see this movie getting a domestic release and home copy release. It's about time.

10 out of 10 all around!

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Joe Dante ("Gremlins," "Matinee," "Howling," "The Burbs," "Piranha," "Small Soldiers," "Twilight Zone The Movie") demonstrates why he was handpicked by Steven Spielberg to direct "It's a Good Life," one of the segments in "Twilight Zone the Movie" with this little known gem. The premise isn't too complicated: Two brothers and their single mother move into a house with a mysterious hole located in the basement. As the two brothers befriend the girl next door, the trio soon begin to find themselves confronted by supernatural events related to the presence of the hole.

What transpires is a simple tale with large mythical overtones that help make it accessible to a diverse audience. The horror "scenarios" aren't incredibly novel or original per se; but Dante still manages to make them chilling and unique in a way many contemporary horror films haven't. In fact, there is a very compelling reason WHY they seem to have been derived from other horror movies -but to explain that reason would be to divulge a major reveal of the story. Let's just say that Dante is one who, in his philosophy of storytelling in general, and horror movies in particular, has espoused the belief that stories are receptacles of universal emotions; and that horror films in particular are most successful when they capitalize on universal fears. The fact that he can incorporate iconic, recognizable elements from other films and still make them fresh and compelling is a testament to how deft he is at handling this material.

The third act is a visual treat that harkens back to his work on "It's a Good Life." I recommend seeing this movie for the last act alone!

While not his best movie, "The Hole" is an unexpected gift from a sorely missed talent. Hopefully this movie is meant to signify Joe Dante's return.

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