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Snow Buddies (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (2008)

Snow BuddiesThis direct-to-video movie is a sequel to last year's Air Buddies. In this one, the five pups find themselves in Alaska, where they are soon befriended by Shasta, a Husky pup, and his owner, a young boy named Adam. The boy has big dreams of becoming a sled dog racer, and if the Buddies can get him to the finish line they will be on their way back home. They turn to a wise old Husky for mentorship, but on the day of the race, the Buds unexpectedly find themselves on their own. From what I've been able to see of the film I think many younger kids will love it (the puppies are cute), but adults will be bored.

Here are the bonus features:

* Audio commentary (from the dogs!).

* A blooper reel.

* A hip-hop-style music video of "Lean on Me" by "Hannah Montana" star Mitchel Musso.

* Behind the Scenes "dog-u-mentary," which gives you a tour of the set from the perspective of the video's canine stars B-Dawg, Rosebud and Mudbud.

* A featurette on the film's visual effects.

The movies are based in part on the 1997 feature film Air Bud.

I think people need to be aware that the American Humane Society WAS present during the filming of this movie and none of the animals were treated inhumanely. The same person who wrote one of the Amazon reviews also wrote the same review at several other sites and is spouting misinformation.

That being said, the movie is adorable, my child loved it. He's a fan of dogs and of dog sledding and he enjoyed every bit of it!

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My kids loved AIR BUDDIES--they watched it non-stop and are really excited for Snow Buddies. I've already purchased this one for them as a surprise--I'm sure they'll wear it out too!

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I am planning to rent the movie Snow Buddies to watch with my children. I was concerned about the several one star reviews that sited animal cruelty in the production of the film. I believe, based on reading the American Humane Society's press release, that the criticism is unfair and felt compelled to rebut those reviews. Here is a direct quote from the Humane Society's release:

"American Humane is conducting a full investigation on the trainer and breeders and following the progress of the puppies that have been retired from the production, many of whom have been placed in new adoptive homes. The company producing Snow Buddies has complied with each request from American Humane and has made changes so that working puppies will not be put in any position where they may fall ill. The film production company has been very cooperative and has suspended filming until further notice. All of the dogs in the production now have been checked and are being cared for by a veterinarian. We will continue to monitor the production and release our findings once the investigation is complete."

It may bother some folks that dogs were harmed for any reason and by any person in the making of a film. However, by the Human Society's own account, the film production company appears to have done their best to look out for the welfare of the animals. The problems seem to have been with the trainers and breeders. It seems unfair to punish the producers of the film by condemning their product when they appear to have been unaware of the possible improper conduct of the trainers and breeders.

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My family loved this movie. Disney, of course, did take care of these puppies during the filming. I love the family experience that is so lacking in movies today, this one had it. It also helps to reinforce the friendship that children have with dogs and that all dogs with the proper love and care are good dogs and can be trained well. I wish there were more movies out there like this one. Thank you so much Disney.

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