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BluScenes: Coral Reef Aquarium 1080p HD Blu-ray Disc (2012)

BluScenes: Coral Reef Aquarium 1080p HD Blu-ray DiscThis disc has one purpose to make your TV look like a fishtank. Other discs from this company make your TV look like a fireplace, etc. It's not a disc that is designed for you to sit and watch like a movie.

A few of the reviews here scored low because they said that the video did not amount to much more than a selection of aquarium tanks being filmed straight-on with a camera, which happens to be what I was looking for.

If you are not trying to literally make your TV look like a fishtank, look elsewhere. However, if constantly changing views annoy you and you want a stationary shot that makes you feel like you are looking at a fish tank, then this is a great disc.

I'll write this review in three parts, so that I can address the content, the picture quality and give some suggestions to some of the other reviewers who had problems.

1) The coral and fish: This is why I bought an aquarium Blu-ray disc, and it's also why I reviewed this disc very highly. You can tell that the habitats are in excellent health, and the fish and coral are very well lit. A little internet sleuthing shows that these tanks are also known as the "Pratt Reef," at Pratt Art Institute, and I'd have to say that those students are very lucky to have these tanks in their presence. I could never make my tanks look like that, so I have to experience them on my TV!

2) Regarding picture quality, some of the reviews seem to be all over the place. I tried this out on two TVs -one with a matte screen and one with a glossy screen. You owe it to yourself to view these with a GLOSSY screen. Only then do you experience the true color and contrast of the disc. Glossy screens allow for truer blacks, and if you think about it, aquarium tanks are always glossy.

These tanks are well-lit, and look fantastic in kitchen where I have very bright full spectrum lighting. If you are looking for darker, moodier tanks, this is probably on the opposite end of that spectrum, but the light serves the important purpose of keeping the coral healthy. There are some darker blu-rays like HD Moods Aquarium that use artifical coral inserts and have less fish. HD Moods is a bit darker and might be better in a darker room as it's harder to see in a bright lighting.

Each of the 3 Bluscenes aquariums plays in a loop, and it's done in such a way that its hard to tell where the disc is looping (Hint: the loop freezes for a fraction of a second while the laser moves back to the beginning of the loop. If you are not looking for it you will miss it. None of the other aquarium discs that I own have done that, and hopefully more will add it in the future).

3) Regarding reviews that say that this looks like someone just aimed a camera at an aquarium tank, that's what I was hoping for, so I am pleased. For me the closeups that are on some of the other discs, or pan-and-scan ruin the illusion of the TV being an aquarium. As far as those saying it's not colorful and then others saying that it is, I think that a lot of it has to do with your TV (and maybe partly based on whether your TV is glossy or not). It definitely looks hi-def though because you can make out the individual scales on the fish and also the pieces of gravel. It's very clear.

So anyway, maybe if you think it looks dull on your TV and you have a matte screen, you might be able to tweak the contrast a bit to darken the blacks a bit.

Buy BluScenes: Coral Reef Aquarium 1080p HD Blu-ray Disc (2012) Now

I absolutely LOVE this DVD. The picture is clear and sharp and the sounds are so soothing. There are different choices of aquarium background for you to choose. When it is playing, I find that people can't stop staring at it! Definitely worth the purchase! It's great as a background for a party, instead of a black widescreen TV screen in the room, you have a gorgeous, colorful and soothing aquarium with (or without-you choose) bubble sounds! And the best part? No cleaning or replacing of fish!!! :) I wish the creators of this DVD would create a Beach DVD, too! You can also get a sneak peek at this DVD if you look it up on YouTube (just search under BluScenes Aquarium), that's what I did!

Read Best Reviews of BluScenes: Coral Reef Aquarium 1080p HD Blu-ray Disc (2012) Here

Picture quality is amazing and stunning. I ordered my copy straight from Bluscenes who made this. Its awesome. You will be amazed on these 3 tanks that they show. I watch this on my 60 INCH Sharp Aquos 120 HZ. One review who gave this a 1 STAR said this "Fish are not realistic in their movements." I'm not a fish expert, but the fish sure did moved naturally to me. One reviewer "Booyah Guy" pretty much says it all.

Specs on the Bluray Disc

VIDEO: 1080p24

AUDIO: 7.1 DTS-HD MA (Music + Aquarium only), 5.1 Dolby Digital (Music only), 2.1 Dolby Digital (Aquarium only)

3 Tanks to choose from, play or loop as preference.


The cinematographers at BluScenes combined the renowned coral reef tanks of Advanced Aquarist and Senior Editor of Reefs Magazine, Randy Donowitz, with the crystal-clear image quality of the RED One(tm) 4k camera to create the ultimate Coral Reef Aquarium Blu-ray Disc. Featuring three unique and colorful aquarium tanks, teeming with amazing fish dancing before a canvas of living coral. You can seamlessly loop each chapter and enjoy the speciallycommissioned ambient soundtrack with numerous surround and stereo audio options or experience the soothing hum of each aquarium tank.

Play a trick on your guests: At about 18:30 minutes into the first tank, we dropped a little bit of fish food into the upper lefthand corner of the tank. Set your watch alarm when you start the disc and tell your friends that it's time to feed the fish. Watch the fish, and your guests go crazy.

How else is this disc different from other aquarium discs?

1080p content shot on a RED One camera

The tanks and lighting were designed by an advanced aquarist, and look more like real coral tanks, because they are real coral reef tanks. Coral reefs tend to be very close to the surface and in sunny climates.

Interesting fact: While each tank appears very different under the aquarium lighting, the same type and number of lights are installed on each tank. The different corals and fish simply reflect the light differently!

**Taken from Company's website

Want BluScenes: Coral Reef Aquarium 1080p HD Blu-ray Disc (2012) Discount?

I bought the set of 3 from the website during a sale got all 3 for $15 shipping included.

The full set is Aquarium, Fireplace, Space (planets, etc.). All of them are high quality.

Just realize it is what it says it aquarium it's not a's a fish tank.

A beautiful, clear, clean fish tank with very pretty fish.

55" TV sets look great while you are watching them but when you aren't there's a lot of really black dead space in your living room. This dresses up the space while you aren't watching cable or a movie. It is very peaceful has music and bubble sounds that you can listen to or not. Options are Music + Bubbles Bubbles Music No sound at all.

I am very glad I got this particular aquarium screensaver.

It would also be perfect for a doctor's waiting room or business foyer.

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