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Hawaii Beaches 1 / Waves Relaxation Nature Videos

Hawaii Beaches 1 / Waves Relaxation Nature VideosThis DVD is beautiful. It is filmed in HD and widescreen. The widescreen feature is important if you have a newer flat panel television. The quality of this DVD is excellent. No human voice narration. Just relaxing sounds of the waves rolling on several different Hawaii beaches. The DVD arrived promptly after my order was placed. I highly recommend this DVD! I am hoping the people who make this DVD can format the same beaches video for iPod. They have samples at iTunes, but they have to be converted to iPod format which takes a long time for the 2 minute clips. I am waiting for hour long beach videos already formatted for syncing with my iPod. Nice job on the DVD! If you purchase this DVD you will happy.

My husband and I have lived in Hawai'i before, and found this DVD to be very true to life with respect to the colors displayed. It is very beautiful and peaceful to watch, and we have enjoyed it on several occasions in the month that we have had it. I would highly recommmend it to anyone that has either been to Hawai'i or would like to go there.

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I love my Hawaii Beaches DVD. I live in Buffalo NY, and winter can be hard. But with Beaches, winter just got a little bit warmer. I play this dvd *a lot*, just as background in my home. Instead of looking outside at the gray bleak, I can gaze at soothing waves, and glorious sunsets.

Hawaii Beaches is multi-purpose. Besides just making me happy because it's pretty, I use Beaches as an exercise DVD with my rowing machine and treadmill. Pop in the DVD, and I am rowing my kayak, or jogging on the beach at sunset. Awesome.

And it's an instant Beach Party! With the different soundtracks to choose from, I have a tiki lounge in my living room, and the margaritas are pouring. My friends love it--gorgeous images, shot beautifully, wide-screen, no camera jiggle. And no people in the shots! It's like you're on your own private beach. This DVD takes you away from the ordinary, and puts you in a place of bliss. Love it.

Highly recommended for relaxation and escape.

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I just got this one in the mail yesterday, and popped it into the player, and WOW! I own several of the other WavesDVD series videos, and they are all beautiful, scenic, and relaxing, but this new Blue-ray version just gives it a whole new light. You can see the grains of sand on the beach. It is like you could walk through the screen and into the ocean in Hawaii. I have a 65" Panasonic Onyx, and this DVD really brings Hawaii to life when I play it.

I give this 5 stars. Superb film making!

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WOW!!! I just finished watching HD NatureTV Hawaii Beaches 1 Widescreen by Waves on DVD. This DVD has so much clarity. I watched it after getting home from work in the small T.V. in my bedroom, non-HD monitor, but none the less what a fantastic picture, and great sound. This DVD contains scenes from several different beaches in Hawaii where the camera is set up in different positions at each setting. In some scenes the camera appears to be 40 to 50 yards from where the water hits the sand. Other set ups are 20 to 25 yards away from the water line and yet other shots are five yards or less from where the water breaks. There are shoots with beautiful palm trees blowing in the breeze and there is even some wildlife captured on the screen, and I am not talking about a bird flying by, the giant turtle is a must see. The entire DVD is quite calming, relaxing, and unarming. It put me at peace as the tension exited my body within a very short time of hitting the play button.

I have enjoyed some of the other Videos in this series, but what strikes me as different in this Hawaii Beaches 1 HD NatureTV are the vibrant colors, the sharpness of picture, the many different choices of music, but most of all the Sunsets. My word!!!!! The Sunsets that are captured on these very clean and serene beaches are incredible!!! The photographer catches the light of the direct Sun in some scenes that is magnificent. In other shots the photographer focuses on the light from the setting Sun as it reflects off of the waves that pulsate on the beach. The reflecting color just glisten and gleams on the top of the water and they are spectacular!!! These rich and picturesque colors dance like fire on top of the water as the Sun sets. I cannot think of anything else I have seen to match what was captured here. It is like being there yourself. I think you will find that expressive and unique color in some of the other beach shoots in this DVD, as you look at the clouds in the sky above the waves. This is a must have DVD for every home. It is a cannot miss DVD for any collection, to relax to.

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