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A Little Bit of Heaven (2011)

A Little Bit of HeavenWithout revealing any real spoilers I have to say...

I'm not much for the "Chick Flick"/romance genre, but this movie wowed me.

Kate Hudson put in a performance of such quality, that I haven't seen from her since "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". She starts out fun and flirty with a bit of despicable mixed in. Then her character moved me to a bit of hatred for the treatment she issued to her family and friends. Then towards the end she made me fall in love with her character and almost come to tears for her predicament.

There's a lot of teaching, learning and cameraderie throughout the movie. There are laughs shared and tears shed between the characters. Every single moment within the movie feels genuine, and I can genuinely see myself or anybody else going through the same phases if faced with a similar situation. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to find out that this was based on a true life story(don't remember seeing that stated anywhere in the movie though).

This movie has sufficient humor to be a comedy, sufficient grief to be a tragedy and just enough love to be a romance that doesn't make you nauseous. There is only one truly over the top moment in the movie, but it's at the end. The biggest tragedy is this movie will only be in limited release at a few theatres just weeks before the DVD comes out.

If you are looking for a good combination of laughter and real life human drama with the spice of true love this is the movie. A fenomenal cast, Gael Garcia is a perfect cast for it, his crying is so passionate and sincere. Kate Hudson is a spectacular romatic gender actress. It's a light and sensitive movie about what it takes to come to peace with yourself when your time is up.

Positively recommend it.

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At the advertising agency Marley is asked if she is losing weight, a question that drives Marley to the doctor. Her new physician is Dr. Julian Goldstein (Gael García Bernal), a handsome but shy and dedicated young man who examines Marley and sedates her for colonoscopy: while Marley is under medication she dreams of being in heaven next to God (Whoopi Goldberg) who tells her she is dying and gives her three wishes Marley chooses a million dollars, a chance to fly, and to find love. Upon awakening she is informed she has extensive colon cancer and Dr. Goldstein suggests she see a Dr. Sanders (Alan Dale) who offers her two choices extensive chemotherapy or death. Marley chooses the former and from there she begins to alter her relationships with everyone around her. She gradually falls in love with Dr. Goldstein, confronts her parents and friends with her news, and the manner in which they accept her fate is where the film alters to a tender heart-warming gentle string of events that should be seen instead of read.

It is so rewarding to see Kate Hudson expand her acting talent into a serious role and she manages to find that perfect balance between the lighthearted personality we all recognize and the empathetic and vulnerable woman she becomes. Gael García Bernal assumes a new type of role and is completely charming and loveable. There is a fine cameo by Peter Dinklage a Special Escort hired by neighbor Peter to give Marley `a little bit of heaven' and Kathy Bates, Lucy Punch, and Romany Malco are particularly fine. This film will likely bring a few tears to the viewer's eyes, but those releases of emotion just make us feel better about life. Despite the few over the edge silly parts in the film this is a solid little gem that should find an appreciative audience when it reaches the theaters. Grady Harp, April 12

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kate hudson is amazing in this story....such a beautiful movie. Funny as she usually is but with a different twist this time. Please take the time to watch this movie you will not regret it. Awesome cast

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The reviews run from almost zero to stellar responses. some reviewers reference folks they know who have one form of cancer or another[all cancers are NOT the same!],and how the script doesn't accurately portray the real struggle[s] as they see it through the eyes of friends,etc. or from reading books, watching documentaries,etc. this is a movie, folks, and so saying Hollywood sold out is kinda surprising to me; i halfway anticipate a 'sell-out' anytime hollywood tackles subjects such as a person living with two last-stage lymphomas, i could if so desired pick apart its fragmented nature, or the plot holes, or a number of other things, e.g., underdeveloped character. played by Gael Bernal Garcia, Treat Williams,etc. but that would be picking and missing the point at least in the opinion of someone living with end-stage disease[s]. what i got from the movie, aside from ms. hudson's extraordinary performance, was that for some[?] or many[?] of us it often takes something, some kind of life shattering/life-threatening event to wake us up and out of our daily robotic way[s] of living and focus perhaps for the first time ever on what's REALLY important!! and it brilliantly shows the difficulties faced by the patient her or himself as to how to communicate with friends/family so as to not burden them while simultaneously informing them of your feelings, and also trying to care about their feelings too which is an ENORMOUS undertaking....and unless one is a patient, you just ain't gonna get the messages contained in this yes less than ideal movie are critical and crucial IN EVERYONE'S LIFE, NOT JUST THOSE WITH LIFE-THREATENING ILLNESS!!! WAKE UP BEFORE IT WELL MIGHT BE TOO LATE!!!

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