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Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm BodiesSeattle's Isaac Marion (self-published "Where Are They Now") wrote the book on which this goofy (and unconventional) romantic comedy (with ZOMBIES?!) is based. Director Jonathan Levine ("50/50") did the honors at the helm.

Despite a pretty standard opening with the walking dead lurching through a demolished city looking (and finding!) humans on which to munch, this gradually evolves into a laugh-out-loud comedy and a sweet romance. You'll just have to trust me! (The tag line is: Cold Body, Warm Heart.)

We see:

* Nicholas Hoult ("About a Boy") is R, for lack of a better name; he just can't remember... He seems to have the right instincts (I want to protect her, not eat her), but is extremely confused (How do you talk to a girl?).

* Teresa Palmer ("I Am Number Four") is Julie. Their balcony scene made me wonder if his full name was Romeo. This actress bears an uncanny resemblance to a blonde Kristen Stewart.

* John Malkovich ("RED") is Julie's father, General Grigio, who heads the human defense forces in their walled fortress, fighting zombies and skeletors.

* Dave Franco ("21 Jump Street") is Perry, one of the armed defenders of the besieged humans. Yes, he's James Franco's younger (handsomer) brother.

* Analeigh Tipton ("Crazy, Stupid, Love") is Nora, Julie's friend. She offers her cosmetics when they try to disguise our hero as a human, not a corpse. She says, "I know it's hard to get a boyfriend, what with the apocalypse and all, but..."

* Rob Corddry (Lots of TV) is M, R's best friend, if there even IS such a thing in the zombie world.

All of us were involved in this upbeat comedy from the get-go. We were surprised the first time we laughed because of the dystopian setting, but got the hang of it very quickly.

Expect a circumspect courtship, lots of gunshots and blood, very little vehicular mayhem or profanity and NO blowie uppie stuff.

Just suspend disbelief and have a good time! Amazon will tell me when I can order my DVD.

"What's wrong with me? I just want to connect, why can't I connect with people? Oh,'s because I'm dead." R (Hoult) is a zombie, a very depressed zombie looking for meaning in his life. After him and a group out looking for food find a pack of young adults they begin to feast. When R eats someone he sees his memories, then changes his mind and saves his girlfriend Julie (Palmer). The two begin a relationship that may change the world forever. This is a very funny movie that just seemed to run out of steam a little over halfway through. The movie is very much worth watching and actually turns out very sweet, if not a little too perfect. The only real problem is that after awhile I started to lose interest a little and seemed to really drag toward the end. I still recommend this movie but it's not as good as Zombieland or Shaun Of The Dead. Overall, very funny movie but just couldn't maintain the beginning excitement the entire way. I give it a B.

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Wow. And again, wow!! Who would've guessed that there would come a day when someone would create a zombie movie that could be accurately described as sweet and charming??

I loved this movie! And anyone will tell you that I'm not usually a zombie movie kind of gal. I suppose I don't have anything to say that my fellow 5-star reviewers haven't already mentioned, but I just wanted to get my two cents in. Warm Bodies is very compelling, funny, and well-acted. Nicholas Hoult is especially wonderful as "R", totally nailing the sympathetic character, the facial expressions, even the zombie walk!! He and Teresa Palmer have a very sweet chemistry, and their characters' unorthodox love story is certainly the heart of this great film. R and his zombie pals are not the mindless, heartless creatures that you'll find in other zombie flicks, but are very human, with thoughts, feelings, and a sense of humor. The violence isn't overly graphic and the romance is chaste and sweet, leaning more towards a Tim Burton-ish feel than Twilight, in my opinion. However, while this movie is just fine for teenagers, the adult language (several S-words and one F-word) restrains me from deeming it tween-friendly. But don't let that discourage you!! Ultimately, this is an endearing story about the power of love. If you're in the market for a movie with touching romance, clever humor, a great soundtrack and top-notch performances, please do yourself a favor and go see Warm Bodies! It will leave you feeling, well...warm!!

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But seriously, though, this was a really good movie. It's nice to see a good love story come out of the Zombie boom of recent years. The last one was Shaun of the Dead, in my opinion.

It's got all the best things:


-Great Actors


-A Love Story That Doesn't Feel Cobbled Together or Forced

-Awesome Tunes

-John Malkovich

And if any of those brilliant sort of bullet points don't make you want to see this film, I don't think you have taste. Or a pulse. (HA HA HA I made a funny!.)

Anyway, what I'm really getting at here is that this is a movie that doesn't let its setting or the fact that the male lead is a zombie inhibit it from being just a fun movie with a good story and a lot of heart.

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Not much to say, I thought it was good fun. It is not for those looking for some critically acclaimed movie to give an in depth analysis in their review. So I will just say it was fun to watch and kept me entertained.

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