Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Triple Dog (2009)

Triple DogCheesy and corny, I like! This movie is supposedly a horror movie, but its more like a Comedy-Thriller-Drama. I absolutely love Scout Taylor-Compton and she usually makes some good indie movies and I really liked this one. It's a very cheesy movie but I really enjoyed it. I recommend this one for tweens who aren't really into the Horror genre, this one is good fun!

Hilarious is a great word for this film. So many bad lines and confusing ones: one my favorites: "Yo would you guys Superman that Hoe for 20 bucks?" Midway through the film as one of the girls is doing the dare of urinating on the principal's porchmat the bad girl Chapin spouts out "Shes totally splitting the whisker!" What the hell does that mean? Lines like that make me think, do modern teenage girls actually say things like that? Probably not, but its very funny indeed. So heres my final thoughts about this: Its a stupid/very cheesy movie with lots of hilariously bad dialogue. Watch it with friends and beers and enjoy.

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High school? Premise suburban high school age girls, bored. Let's play dare. One dominant girl, the rest subordinate, like sheep. No drinking nor drugs to induce this stupidity, but completely willing to make poor decisions anyway. I kept waiting for the movie to get better or remotely realistic. It didn't.

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I hope this review doesn't damage my review credibility, I'm avid Movie Collector and collect all styles of movies, I some how came across the lone 5 star review on Amazon, went to Youtube checked out the trailer and was sold, there aren't many reviews online for (triple-dog) so I wanted to give this little gem Its due, I own a few cheesy quality Movies that flew under the radar that some men wouldn't want to be caught watching, (16 WISHES, WISH APON A STAR, READ IT AND WEEP) all made for Disney Channel Movies, but (triple-dog) has enough edge and fresh ideas that I can see grown men hiding this under there collection of Action Movies, I don't think it fair to judge this movie with Oscar level movies, like American Beauty, Slum Dog Millionaire, Titanic, its just too different, but if compared to modern teen or tween Movies I'll stand by the 5 star review.

This is a surprising rated R movie, I say 13+ is o.k, teens would see more Sexuality and Vulgarity in a episode of (Jersey Shore) than (triple-dog), the prevailing question is what really happened to the girl that jumped from the bridge ? and what does Chapin (skater girl with edge) have to do with it ?, who will get there head shaved ?, who will win the game of triple-dog ?, If you buy this movie for your teens,"Mom and Dad can be Cool for at least one night". A really good job by Brittany Roberts as the lead Chapin, a quality supporting casts, some amusing dares and it all will pay off in the end. really good Teen Drama for adults too.

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This was a great thriller! I love the acting and production of this film. I watched with my friends and it was a perfect way to end the night!

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