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Run, Fatboy, Run (2008)

Run, Fatboy, RunI too think, that the title "Run Fat Boy Run" is quite amusing and very apropriate for the film. Let me, in response to another reviewers question "who would pay money to see a fat boy run?" ask: who wouldn't?

The story is neither original nor complicated. At their wedding, Simon Pegg's character gets cold feet and takes off without explanation, leaving his pregnant girlfriend behind. 5 years down the line he, now a fat, pathtic looser without the mone to pay the rent, realises that he actually left the love of his life behind that day. She has found a rich, handsome, athletic American played very well by Hank Azaria, and has no need for her former fiance. So to win her back, Pegg must compete against his American competitor in a marathon race. Chaos and hilarity ensues.

Simon Pegg, who is nothing short of a comic genius, plays the gormless loser so joyously well, and adds to it his incredible sense of physical comedy. His American rival is in turn played expertly by Mr. Azaria, who somehow manages to portray a character that at the same time is absolutely charming, wonderful, and thoroughly unlikeable. The always funny Dylan Moran adds his own interesting personae to the character Gordon, the best friend of Peggs character. Also a guest visit from Little Britains David Walliams, makes for a nice little surprise.

I'm not the biggest fan of director David Schwimmer, but I must admit that he's done a decent job with this one. The score, scenery, production, and all the rest of it is also done quite well.

So in conclusion I'll say, that while "Run Fat Boy Run" is not in any way original or spellbinding, it does provide some solid laughs and is never boring. Definitely recommendable.

First, a warning to fans of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, the more popular of the Simon Pegg starred films: this isn't a film that would seemed to have come from the same team of film makers, that is despite the fact that Simon Pegg did help develop the story for this film. There are lines of humor and jokes in this film that hint at the playful spirit shown in those earlier films, but as a whole this movie is much more in the "charming" category where those films were done in a different manner entirely. Perhaps the difference is David Schwimmer's direction, perhaps it's the screen play, or perhaps Pegg was intentionally aiming for charming in an effort to widen his range and appeal, either way the result here is a film that fans of the earlier movies may be disappointed in.

If you can get past the idea that this film is going to be charming, rather than more satirical and crude, well, you find that the result isn't that bad. 5 star material, not so much for me, and really probably more in the 3.5 range overall, but I'm rounding up a bit as I happen to think charming isn't such a bad thing to be.

Simon Pegg plays Dennis, a man that ditched his pregnant girlfriend (Libby, played by Thande Newton) at the altar. Years later he finds himself working as a security guard that can't run more than a few blocks to try to catch the shoplifter that ripped off the shop we works at. Ah, the difference a few years, many cigarettes and not so healthy eating makes for.

Dennis is a not so dependable father to the son that Libby has been raising by herself, and meanwhile Libby has found another potential love interest (played by Hank Azaria) who seems to make Dennis all the more sad over the love he lost.

Eventually (not so far along really), Dennis decides that he'll run in the big marathon to impress Libby, not just because he wants to impress her, but because his competitor for Libby's interest is going to run in the event. Can a guy whose life is such a mess, not to mention the lack of being physically fit, actually run a marathon? That's what you'll be watching to find out. :-)

There are several crude jokes mixed into the film along the way, and several minutes of the same mixed into the outtakes that are included on the Blu-ray disc. Nothing that is that harsh, but those that are easily offended should consider themselves warned. A few instances of rough language also help get the film that rating it sports, so again if you are easily offended perhaps you're better off looking elsewhere.

Picture quality on the Blu-ray is nice. The soundtrack is enjoyable and the musical selections that are included fit nicely where they are placed. Give this romantic comedy a chance to charm you and you may find it more of a winner than you expected. Certainly worth a rental, not far from the buy it rating.

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I have really enjoyed Simon Pegg's films and 'Run Fatboy Run is no exception. With a winning cast this romantic comedy is much better than most films of this nature. If you liked 'Shawn Of The Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz', you should like this film.

David Schwimmer who directs this smart and funny love story is to be commended for giving us an inspiring feel good romantic comedy without over loading it with artificial sweeteners.

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I'd recommend watching this with some friends while training for your first marathon.

It's comical, but with a touch of inspiration.

It's about a man who sets out to prove his love to a woman, only to find himself in the process.

Some bad language, which I'd prefer was left out of every movie, but fairly clean film for teenagers and above.

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Excellent video and audio quality. Predictable, yet engrossing and funny storyline. Thandie Newton and Simon Pegg are their usual quality selves, while Hank Azaria really deserves kudos for his portrayal of a shallow, self-absorbed and cowardly character. Recommended.

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