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Resident Evil: Damnation (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy) (2012)

Resident Evil: DamnationResident Evil: Damnation improves upon the first Resident Evil CG movie, Degeneration, by leaps and bounds! Not only did Capcom tweak the appearances of the characters (and for the better!) when in comparison to the last movie, they also took many demands of the fans to heart. A good part of the appeal of the Resident Evil franchise is its trademark monsters, in which case this feature film does not fail to resurrect some of the most notorious creatures from the more classic games of the series. That does not go to say that they have done away with the new, either. With an interesting blending of creatures, Damnation takes that next step into the future of Resident Evil, teasing you with what is to come a few weeks down the line with Resident Evil 6.

The plot at first may seem difficult to follow, but with Leon Scott Kennedy holding the reigns and Ada Wong throwing him a bone here and there, the story definitely does not disappoint. Between all of the monsters, fighting, and oh yeah... more monsters... You really appreciate the effort that was placed in the finer details that truly connect this movie with the rest of the series. Whereas Degeneration felt slightly more disjointed, Damnation is much better woven into the framework of the global threat of Bio-Terror looming on the horizon. The world really is turning into a mess and it's only a matter of time before it spins horribly out of control. This gives the film the intricacies and polish that its predecessor was lacking.

If you're new to the series, the gore and rather flavorful action scenes may be enough to hook you. However, for loyal fans this is a breath of fresh air and you will feel entrenched in Leon's cause and perplexed by all of the questions the ending scenes present.

As you watch the beginning to the ending of the movie it feels like the producers and writers intentionally made the movie as a prequel to the RE6 games storyline but don't let that detract you from the entertaining story that is already in the movie itself. Like on reviewer stated the movie brings into play many of the former monsters and creatures that you see in the games as well as some cameo time with another iconic RE character as well. The CGI Animation is great and the actions is pretty good too.What is almost sadly ironically funny is that some of the fight scenes here are much better then the ones in the live action RE movies. Basically this is a must for any Resident Evil fan or those who like CGI action movies but regardless this is a nice collection to anyone's movie collection and for fans enough to tide us over until the release of RE6.

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In one of the special features on the Blu-ray, director Makoto Kamiya says he was aiming for a "Resident Evil 4" Leon and that he wanted to put Leon through hell. That is the perfect way to describe Leon's journey throughout "Damnation." The Las Plagas virus is now being used for war tactics and utilized in ways that have yet to be introduced in the games. What's great is that "Damnation" throws you into the first person perspective and makes you feel like anything can jump out at Leon and attack him at any moment. The renders as well as the computer animation are crisp and fluid at all times, especially the hosts of the Plaga, the Lickers, and the Tyrants. The only time it looks awkward is when people talk for long periods of time. You begin to notice that their facial expressions don't seem as natural as they should be, but it's easy to overlook.

The lighting in the movie really stands out, especially in the basement sequence and whenever Leon picks up a flashlight. It's just done so well, feels natural, and even helps add tension at times. "Damnation" can pat itself on the back for actually utilizing the slow-motion effect properly. Lately it seems like most Hollywood pictures use slow-motion for the most pointless sequences like when someone is just standing there in the rain or when somebody turns around. The slow-motion scenes in "Damnation" actually enhance the story and action sequences. There are effects that come out at you better than most movies that are released in or post-converted to 3D and released in theaters; there's some really amazing headshots including one where Leon shoves a crowbar through somebody's skull, a table being flipped over and a cup of tea flying at you, a water jug being kicked in your face, and the tongue of a licker jumping out at you.

The story is written in a way that seems intelligent, pulls you in, and feels like it coincides in the same universe as the games. While the screenplay isn't perfect and kind of misses its mark at times (the JD character, Leon's lame one-liners, the final speech Leon gives Buddy), it more than gets the job done and even gets pretty emotional at times.

"Resident Evil: Damnation" is the perfect reminder of how great this franchise really can be and is an ideal lead-in to "Resident Evil 6" due out October 2nd. If you'd lost faith or had been purposely distancing yourself from the atrocity that is the live-action movies (and if that's the case no one could blame you), "Damnation" is the movie for you as its predecessor "Degeneration." These CG motion pictures are what everything "Resident Evil" fans wished the movies would have been. Smart, bloody, well-written, and incredibly creepy, "Resident Evil: Damnation" more than lives up to the "Resident Evil" name.

Special Features include The DNA of Damnation (a thirty-minute making of featurette), Las Plagas: Organisms of War (around seven-minutes, be sure to watch this if you have any remaining questions after the movie), a six-minute Gag Reel, game trailers for "Resident Evil 6," "Devil May Cry," and "Dragons Dogma," and a Conceptual Art Gallery which is exclusive to the Blu-ray.

"Resident Evil: Damnation" will be released on single-disc DVD and Blu-ray this Tuesday, September 25th. The feature is presented in 1080p High Definition with a 1.78:1 aspect ratio. DTS-HD MA audio is available in English, French (PAR), and Portugese with Spanish and Thai being available in 5.1 Dolby Digital. Subtitles are available in English, English SDH, Chinese, French, Korean, Portugese, Spanish, and Thai. The movie is approximately 100 minutes long and is mastered in High Definition.

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This movie was slow in the beginning 5-10 mins but after they show the first person using their mind to control lickers it gets better. The russian nemesis's(or whatever they are calledthey were used in RE:Umbrella Chronicles too) are f@###kin awesome as unstoppable beasts trying to kill leon and that other guy using las plagas to control lickers. Man the last 30 mins of this movie are worth buying the movie for, Ada wong is in this too. So much action and story, this is way better than RE: Retribution. I give this movie a 10/10, only downside is it's a little slow in the beginning.

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Finally...an adaptation that is worthy of being called a Resident evil movie. Resident Evil: Damnation rose to the occasion on this second installment of the CG movies. It does a great job of captivating a viewing experience that will appeal to hardcore fans of the video game franchise as well as viewers who are unfamiliar with the games. The storyline was thoughtful, entertaining and engaging. The mood and tone of the film stays true to the games and the overall themes conveyed in the game come through in the film beautifully-without making it any less of a film. As I watched the film I felt myself being immersed in the gameplay all over again when the composition of a scene looked eerily familiar to one I remembered from one of the games. Leon and Ada's characters remain respectful to their originals in the game and are not overshadowed by characters created in the adaptation. BOW's do not become uncharacteristically humanized -or beautified into infected superhuman heroines in tight clothes--insuring the integrity and the severity of the threat they pose. In essence, this was a film made with the intention of making a respectful adaptation of the Resident Evil Games franchise--not a series of shameless mockeries disguised as Resident Evil live action films. In surmise, yes, you have the introduction of new characters and a new setting but the overall important core elements of a Resident Evil based movie are not lost unlike the live action films. If you want to experience the survival horror series Resident Evil without playing the games or if you just want to see a good CG horror / action / zombie movie, then this movie is a must see.

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