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Rambo Box Set (First Blood / Rambo: First Blood Part II / Rambo III ) (2008)

Rambo Box SetWhen I heard they were releasing these on Blu-Ray I wasn't exactly thrilled to be buying them again. I had bought First Blood on Blu-Ray when it first came out after I had rented it at a Blockbuster and was so impressed by the picture I had to buy it. I had seen First Blood in so many different versions including most of the standard DVD releases that I didn't think it possbile to look as good as it does on Blu-Ray. After that I decided I really wanted them all on High Definition but they hadn't announced plans to release the other 2 on Blu-Ray. So I bought the others on HD-DVD (french versions). Again the picture was quite a bit better than any standard DVD previously released but not quite as good as First Blood on Blu-Ray. When the trilogy was finally released on Blu-Ray I admit I was a little mad, I wished they had just released them all together in the first place and now buying the trilogy yet again on Blu-Ray would also mean I would have 2 versions of the same First Blood movie.

I found this set at Best Buy for $29.99 (someone had accidently put them in the wrong area but they honored the price). This was cheaper than buying Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III individually so I bought the whole set.

I am very glad I did though, the picture on the other 2 movies are just as good as on First Blood, and better than the HD-DVD versions I had bought. The sound is also much better than any other version I had. I would strongly suggest that if you are skeptical to just buy these, there is not a better version out there and believe me I know. I watched these with my girlfriend and even she was amazed at how good they looked and she is not picky about picture quality. The movies look like they were just filmed yesterday and not back in the 80's. There is very little grain or film artifacts in these either. One review I read said he didn't realize how much sweating there was in the Rambo: First Blood Part II until he actually saw it in High Definiton and I have to agree, it is so clear everything shows up and looks amazing. If you own a Blu-Ray player and love the Rambo series you owe it to yourself to buy these.

and they mean Ultimate when they say so.

I had recently learned of the redicuolous marketing for these movies, and that's the typical DVD company for you. But because of the bad reviews, is only the die hard fan's problems, not yours. This is only because die hard fans had obviously bought the first box set released, then companys decided to make another for the sake of better special features, and other suspicious reasons. This gave fans who had the older set the urge to buy the next one, and probably sell off the other. But this is when the companys have the chance to release one more on the fans and new comers alike. This enables them to make money off of people buying and rebuying these DVD sets, and it works. Their loyalty isn't to you, THEY'RE A BUSINESS, they are there to get paid like everyone else wants to.

What my real point is however, is that this is a no problemo situation for ones that have not wasted their time with the older sets at their release dates. The other sets are good, and have their pros and cons. But to me, the Ultimate edition packs the least amount of cons, and is for a fact, THEE Ultimate collection. Why? Here is why I think so.

Special Features:

Aspect Ratio: Letter box 2:35 (Perfect widescreen)

Special commentary by Sylvester Stallone on First Blood only, other Rambo sequels have commentaries by the Directors (YES!)

First Blood, Rambo III, Deleted scenes (Very good)

First Blood, features alternate suicide ending (What a find!)

And a Meta vision: So called to expand your viewing capability of the films (Interesting)

And more!

Overall: I love the final Rambo collection. I shall continue to be entertained and blown away by these films, as they will remain a remarkable franchise.

(Thank you, to Sylvester Stallone)

and remember fans, Rambo 4 is coming this year 2006

Buy Rambo Box Set (First Blood / Rambo: First Blood Part II / Rambo III ) (2008) Now

When Rambo first released on DVD, it wasn't even in a complete set. Each film came out individually, First Blood part 2 had some special features, but than the other two had nothing more than trailers. Than they released a special edition, which I thought was neccesary because it was given a good round of features. Now they release it again, so you would expect even more features right? Wrong! First Blood and Rambo III have some decent extras, but why First Blood part II hasn't evolved from the previous edition is anyones guess. The special edition set that was released prior to this one, had more documentaries, so is it really worth buying the ultra-edition just for the sake of a few minor changes. Since First Blood part II hasn't got any extras, I reccomend buying First Blood and Rambo III ultra-editions individually only if you'd a die hard fan. Who knows maybe in 5 years time, they will release a Super special edition, than another 5 years after that a Super duper special edition. Why didn't Artisan include all the features on the ultra-edition with the special? the reason is obvious, they just want to milk as much money out of the fans as possible by re-releasing the set. They did the same with Rocky and Terminator and a string of other movies. There is no respect for fans anymore, film merchandising is clearly based on profit than value for money for the consumer. Mark my words, next on the list is Batman and Titanic, which will be given the special edition treatment, forcing fans to keep returning to the shop over and over.

Meanwhile I love Rambo the films with passion, but the marketing of the movies is ridiculous.

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What a great Blu Ray 3 disc set!!! This includes all 3 movies of the original Rambo Trilogy(That's First Blood,Rambo II,and Rambo III) They look and sound awseome,so much better than standard DVD,and I got this at a great price from right here at baby,this is the place to do ALL your Blu Ray shopping,the prices just cant be beat!!! If your a fan of the original Rambo trilogy and have a Blu Ray Disc player than this is great box set at a great price,I got this blu ray set on sale cheaper than the standard DVD set,just can't beat that!!! And it comes on a nice collector's case taht looks great on the shelf to boot!!! Recommended! A+

Want Rambo Box Set (First Blood / Rambo: First Blood Part II / Rambo III ) (2008) Discount?

What a waste! How else can I say it? The Special Editions had trailers, great documentaries, and informative production notes on top of that. Why didn't they include the deleted scenes?! That's the only thing of value on these new Ultimate Editions, because all the rest is missing. If it really was an "ultimate" set, they would have included all the previously released great extras. (For those with the far-superior Special Editions, don't bother replacing yours with these; even the deleted scenes aren't anything to get worked up about, with possible exception of First Blood's alternate ending.) And those nonsense "Meta" features are a pathetic insult to serious collectors. Can't comment on audio commentaries. I gave up wasting my time on those things years ago, having OD'd on them back in the days of laserdisc!

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