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Matrix: 10th Anniversary (2012)

Matrix: 10th AnniversaryWith over 2,000 reviews, there is no sense discussing the movie so I will just address this to readers wondering if the Blu-Ray transfer is as good as they, perhaps, have heard.

Yes, it is it's incredble. I am not a particular fan of the film, especially the sequels, so I say these remarks with no bias. I just rented this first "Matrix" to see how it looked. Well, it Blu (pun intended) me away!! At this point, I've seen around 50 Blu-Ray DVDs and this is as good as it gets. I can't imagine how you could make it any better. It's so sharp, I just sat there mesmerized by it. The sound also is outstanding....another upgrade. I've seen this movie three times now and I swear I heard a lot of background talk and stuff I never heard before.

So....if you read that the audio and visuals are 5-star caliber believe it; it's true.

The Matrix is an excellent movie that combines science fiction, shoot-em-up action, and philosophical questions about the nature of Reality. If you are plugged in to a computer, and that computer presents you with a reality that is completely indistinguishable from your own, is it any less real?

This movie has exceptional special effects, beautiful cinematography, an excellent soundtrack, well-crafted dialogue, and respectable acting. Keanu Reeves may be a lousy actor, but I think that the Matrix is probably his best performance to date.

The Platinum Limited Edition isn't really worth the extra money unless you're an absolute, die-hard, take the red pill, freak. I wish I had known that before ordering this product. It comes in a box about as thick as an encyclopedia, and is fairly large, so it won't fit on the shelf with the rest of your DVDs. Opening it up, I was rather disappointed -most of the volume is filled with a cheap plastic tray that contains a celluloid clip of the film with a blown-up photo (decent, but nothing fantastic), a few postcard-sized stills from the movie, and a copy of the normal DVD in a normal case. Nothing fantastic. For this money, I was expecting a DVD with DTS sound, alternate angles, deleted scenes, etc., but just got the same old Matrix disc. A major drag.

Do yourself a favor. Buy the basic copy.

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(What is the Matrix). In 1977, George Lucas changed the landscape of cinematic Science Fiction forever with "Star Wars," taking the genre light years ahead of all that preceded it. Such a momentous advancement would not be seen again for over twenty years, when, in 1999, the Wachowski Brothers raised the bar again, taking the genre at warp speed to an unprecedented level with their astoundingly innovative film, "The Matrix." Co-directed, written and produced by Larry and Andy Wachowski, it is an allegory of salvation and redemption filled with symbolism and metaphor (the Biblical references alone should keep theology students debating this one for years to come); a thinking man's action film, accentuated with moments that are no less than profound. In a world of the future, things are literally not what they seem, where it's Man versus Machine, Reality versus Fantasy, and few who know the truth; among those who do, is Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), who has long awaited the arrival of "The One," who it has been prophesied will be the salvation of the world. Enter Neo (Keanu Reeves), a computer programmer with an innate sense of discrepancy as to the state of things around him; he has questions, most of which are still in the process of being formulated in his own mind. (What is the Matrix). Morpheus has answers. And when they meet, it's Alice down the rabbit hole, and Neo's life is changed forever. Reeves is perfectly cast as Neo, the enigmatic young man who may or may not be "The One," and it's one of the best roles of his career. He conveys a sense of removed, distracted urgency that defines his character, infusing him with both a strength and vulnerability that coalesces as the story progresses into determination and confidence. The underplayed, subtle character development (largely unacknowledged and under appreciated) is a nice piece of work by Reeves. As Morpheus, Fishburne is dynamic; he endows him with a quiet intensity that fairly roils beneath the surface, effectively restrained while leaving no doubt as to the character's power and purpose. You understand his resolution completely by his countenance alone; by the way he speaks and carries himself. It's a memorable performance by one of the truly gifted actors of our times. (What is the Matrix). Other notable performances include those by Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith), who brings a formidable, white-collar sinisterness to his character that is chilling; Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity), a strong, vital presence throughout the film; and Joe Pantoliano (Cypher), who is entirely convincing in his role of a Cyber-age Judas. Rounding out the terrific supporting cast are Gloria Foster (Oracle), Marcus Chong (Tank), Julian Arahanga (Apoc), Matt Doran (Mouse), Belinda McClory (Switch) and Ray Anthony Parker (Dozer). A visually stunning, thought provoking, captivating film, "The matrix" is a triumph of movie-making that assures the Wachowski's a permanent place in cinematic history. The special effects are cutting-edge, state-of-the-art; the choreography of the action sequences is top rate and delivered with a style and effectiveness worthy of comparison to John Woo's best; and, most importantly, the story itself is complex, intelligent, and deftly takes you into regions beyond the known. This is Science Fiction at it's best, but beyond that, it's a great movie that transcends genre or category; a landmark film that must be experienced more than once, for new meaning is gleaned with every viewing. Enhanced by a driving soundtrack that completes the package, highlighted by incredible action,outstanding performances and memorable scenes to numerous to mention, this is a movie that absolutely must not be missed. (What is the...).

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I bought Matrix a week age, but I have seen it 4 times already. Picture & sound quality are perfect ! If you have a good sound system, turn it up and you will feel yourself in the Matrix too ! The "Follow the White Rabbit" is excellent ! As well as the introduction to the Bullet-time technique. There is no multi-angle view on the DVD, but the movie itself is full of mult-angle views anyway. Unfortunately nobody can be told how good the Matrix DVD is, you have to see it for yourself !

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amongst my whole entire collection of dvd's from A-Z, "the matrix-limited editon collector's set" is by far one of my most prized possessions in my arsenal, just the movie alone speaks for itself! but when you've got the actual soundtrack, movie stills, lobby cards, posters and a limited edition 8mm movie filmstrip to add to're literally left speechless, it took awhile for this to arrive to me, but considering the fact that it's virtually impossible to find this item anywhere else, it was all worth the wait, definitely an add-on to your collection....and u could say...(depending on your taste)u could consider this to be the ICING on your cake...and with the sequal soon to come out in theatres, this will be an even HARDER item to find in the don't let "NEO" down, get this classic action/thriller NOW!......5 stars!

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