Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mark 2: Redemption (2013)

Mark 2: Redemption"The Mark 2: Redemption" will be familiar to anyone who's seen other Christian end times movies like "Left Behind", "Apocalypse" or "Moment After". The rapture has just taken place and we get to follow those left behind as the world unites under a charismatic new leader (Antichrist). The bad guys still want the microchip that's implanted in Craig Sheffer's arm. "The Mark: Redemption" is less preachy compared to some other films in this genre and can be enjoyed by non-Christian fans of apocalyptic action movies if they can overlook the occasional religious references. But be prepared for another open ending that lets a lot of loose ends untied to make room for one or more sequels.

I was anxiously awaiting this sequel and was not disappointed. Not a lot of faith based action movies out there so needless to say the men in my family enjoyed it as well.

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If you did not see Mark 1 then its likely you will be confused for the first hour. Acting I found to be very wooden and I just could not get into this film. In fact I give up after an hour. Its heavily Christian based .

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This movie has you on the edge of your seat and the quality of the video is wonderful. I enjoyed the low cost and how fast the seller shipped them out. I highly recommend if you are into end time movies and the seller.

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