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Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion

Mardock Scramble: Second CombustionJust finished watching this film. Abdolutely loved it as with the first installment. The second installment is focused in two halves, the first runes recovery within a place known as "paradise" with the brief ebcounter of another nut-nut assassin with a penchant for limb cutting. The second half all takes place on a casino. Whe I saw the trailer I had no idea why a casino would play such a large role in the story, (having not read the mang) but, no spoilers, now I see and it was a great way to finish off the film. Coming to that, it ends very VERY abruptly with a simple sentence leaving you wondering just what's going to happen next. Thoroughly enjoyable mature watching and I really can't way for last installment.

I just finished watching The Second Combustion and I was soo happy when i could see the continuation to one of my fave mangas turned anime. It picks up exactly where the 1st film left off and it does for the most part follow the manga almost 100% A few things were left out, like the gambling lessons and how to play the games, but to me that was a good thing. I found that to be very dull in the manga and also they added nudity in this anime as well, as they did in the First Combustion. The manga has no nudity at all, and Balot looks a little different but anyways, back to this work. The story seems to run rather short and kinda ends abruptly, like the first film.

I know this series has maybe 1 maybe 2 more films to finish the story and I wish they wouldn't take so damn long to make it but I did think that both films are good, so its worth the wait. I'm just not very patient so I would like to see the next film soon and also wish the next volume of the manga would drop already. It is odd that they mention a lot of egg jokes in this series. (Dr. Easter, Boiled, Shell...etc.) I guess its an inside joke somewhere but i don't understand it. Overall, if you enjoy the manga i recommend you watch this, and if you enjoy this anime, watch the First Compression if you haven't and I highly recommend the manga to you as well.. ENJOY!

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I just finished reading the book(translated by Viz), which is over 700 pages long and I can tell you that the primary Amazon Editorial Review has totally missed the mark on this one. I have also seen both of the Mardock Scramble disks sold by Amazon. I feel it behooves me to review some of the material that is in the book which either did not make it into the videos, or were so glossed over that people do not know what they are looking at. As such, the rest of this going to be in the vein of spoilers, but they are important so you know what you are looking at. I will avoid telling about anything that will be in the third video.

Spoilers Start Here:

There was a really big war where the army engaged scientists to do human experimentation to make better soldiers. The center of this experimentation was a place called Paradise. There were three main scientist leaders for Paradise. After the war, the countries repudiated Paradise and the leaders would have been executed, but each chose a different path to make themselves acceptable to society. One started the Scramble 09 protocol to solve criminal cases to show their usefulness. One started the October Corporation, to provide amusement & pleasure to the populace. The third isolated himself in Paradise (the head in the birdcage). The October Corporation killed the head of the Scramble 09 group, leaving Dr. Easter.

In the first Mardock Scramble, we meet two creations of this mess, Shell & Boiled. Rune is killed? and brought back by Dr. Easter. The stories in this series are a journey of how a severely damaged young girl is empowered to strike back and how she is repaired psychologically. There are multiple sets of bad guys that need to be brought down, including striking at the October Corp.

The primary reviewer states that the plot in Second Combustion doesn't go much of anywhere -or make much sense, when in actuality what is happening is that it is giving you the back story of the three Paradise scientists. The casino is important since the heroes need to get their hands on the Million Dollar Poker chips that store Shell's memories. Can they do it? Will Shell marry into the October Corp and become a member of their ruling elite?

If the video producers handle it right the end of series (video 3) should have fight scenes in it that are epic. The name of the third section in the book is "The Third Exhaust". Keep an eye out for it. I am looking forward to it.

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Just watching the being sequence you feel that it is a little different. Would not recommend for kids since there is nudity. But love how they mix tech into the lives of the character. Sometimes leaves you guessing a little of where this is heading.

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part two of the series, I liked part one enough to purchase part two an watch it. Very serious subject matter, not for kids.

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