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Law Abiding Citizen (Unrated Director's Cut) (2009)

Law Abiding CitizenSOME SPOILERS IN HERE BUT NOT REALLY I love a good revenge movie! And this is one! Good story and an interesting M-O. I loved the idea for this movie. It chose a controvertial topic and really ran with it. The judicial system has been known to have its flaws and sometimes if people want justice they have to take it. A man (Gerard Butler) goes ape s*** for ohhhhh ten years plotting and scheming over the death of his family. Hell bent on his lack of justice after the main culprit of his family's death gets a ridiculous plea bargain. Well, this man decides to enact revenge not just on the killers, but on the whole judicial system. Because, you see, he is a war device inventing genius who has been helping the special forces for years. Sweet! Action thus ensues and you are left wondering, how the hell is he doing this stuff. Well you gotta watch to get this little tidbit. There have been complaints about the ending and while it is tough to make a truely satisfying ending to a movie that starts out so strong, it isn't that bad. But I also say judge this one for yourself and give it a watch.

Clyde Shelton is a law abiding family man, and inventor. After his wife and child are brutally murdered an up and coming lawyer hands out a deal to the killer in exchange for his accomplice. Clyde isn't happy about the way the "justice system" functions. Like many of us Clyde wants to right the wrongs in our flawed legal system. He proceeds to track down and kill the man that killed his family. After being put in jail, Clyde starts killing many of the others involved in the court case. The judge and the criminal defense attorney are among his victims. The problem is that he is in jail. It's hard to commit murder when you're locked up. He is pulling it off somehow. His former lawyer, Nick Rice, is determined to bring him to justice. He learns how hard it will be after he finds out that Clyde was a CIA tactician and inventor.

This movie blew me away. The acting, story, and soundtrack are all amazing. This film has action, drama, suspense, and comedy. It's pretty well rounded, and a major thrill ride. You don't wanna miss Law Abiding Citizen.

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This movie was a lot better than I had expected. To me, it was like a mix of 'Saw' and 'Max Payne. Gerard Butler does an awesome job as a psychotic man with nothing to lose. Ten years after a home invasion that leaves his wife and daughter dead, Clyde Shelton returns to seek true justice. I love when he dismembers the man who murdered them. When Clyde is sent to jail, people are still dying in mysterious ways, and Nick Rice tries to stop it. When Rice interrogates Clyde, he wants something in return such as his iPod, and a steak. Soon, nobody feels safe leaving their homes, because they don't know where or when Clyde will strike next. Does he have an accomplice? I highly recommend LAW ABIDING CITIZEN!!!

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It's sad when people can make accurate jokes about a broken justice system with its technicalities and fine details. Then again, when you've been planning vengeance for ten years and have studied in all that time, what can one do besides exacting that plan? Ask Clyde, who's trying to get his late wife's rapist/child's murderer to be legally dead. Problem is, with the way the judicial system is, he could get away, and he knows it. So, after taking the law into his own hands, things play out precisely as he expects them to, including him being thrown into jail and having court procedures and hearings and getting called a "criminal" with no one giving a second thought about the cause behind his motive. But even in the courtroom does Clyde's guile play out effectively.

Throughout a whole process of exacting vengeance for his wife and daughter, he comes up with cruelly inventive ways of killing key people and "pawns" off, manipulating things to show "lessons" of what happens when people don't do things the precise way he requests them to be. And none of it is for the faint of stomach nor heart.

Though it's called "Unrated Director's Cut," it could also be called the "Original NC-17" edition since it was threatened to be that rating if they didn't shave some of the violence out. They did, as well as have additional dialogue (some comical, some just because) and things that may have improved the story, but only slightly, just to give slightly more personality to key characters.

This was a great film to have, but only watch if you can handle the extremely disturbing violent content and can handle the language used,or can handle certain shocking death sequences. Some, though I've watched this a couple times, still manage to make me jump, no matter how much I anticipated and flat-out expected them.

That just shows this has effective storytelling.

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Love it! Great movie about how the political the justice system is and a law abiding citizen getting retribution to those involved in the murders of his wife and daughter.

Jamie Foxx and Gerald Butler are amazing, must see!

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