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Goon (2012)

GoonI am a semi-recent hockey fan, female, from California, and also a big movie fanatic in general, and I found this movie to be entertaining, funny, fun, not too gory or anything... The main character was consistently charming and endearing in a sincere way... The pace was good. As a "puckhead," I know what details are a lil bit exaggerated, but as a movie fanatic, the narrative was engaging, fast-paced, not too formulaic, adventurous, and simply sweet in all regards!!! I wish there were more movies like this out there! GO DOUGIE!!!!

This film one-ups the relentless verbal crudity, testosterone-fueled raunchiness, and bone-crunching violence of the legendary ice hockey movie "Slap Shot," combining it with the dry wit and doltish characters you may know from SCTV's "Great White North" sketches. Based on a memoir by hockey pro Doug Smith, it mixes in broad jokes about beer, women, Russians, and Québécois to make something quintessentially Canadian, yet it's also accessible to those of us who did not grow up with Molson running through our veins and visions of the Stanley Cup haunting our dreams.

"Goon" features an excellent cast of Canadians led by the winning Seann William Scott, perhaps best known for his role as Steve Stifler in the "American Pie" films. Scott plays bouncer Doug Glatt, a sweet-natured, dim-witted man-child who just happens to be very good at beating the crap out of people. After a fracas at a hockey game leads a local team to hire him, his thuggish efficiency on the ice gets him promoted to a minor-league club, the Halifax Highlanders. Coach Ronnie Hortense (Kim Coates) assigns him the task of protecting the team's high-scorer, Xavier Laflamme (Marc-Andre Grondin), a former prodigy now less interested in hockey than he is in cocaine and strippers.

Eugene Levy (also in "American Pie") is Doug's father, a doctor ashamed of his son's job as a hockey enforcer; Jay Baruchel (one of the screenwriters) is Doug's friend Pat, a rabid fan who hosts an amateurish cable program devoted to the sport; Alison Pill (Baruchel's real-life fiancée) is Doug's crush Eva, a "puck bunny" with a thing for hockey players; and Liev Shreiber (the only major star in the film) is renowned enforcer Ross "The Boss" Rhea, who becomes Doug's nemesis in the arena.

Since it's a comedy, "Goon" gives us a happy-if-cockeyed ending in which Doug gets the girl and his underdog team wins redemption in the final showdown. But that's not really the point: this is an over-the-top love letter to the rough-and-tumble culture of hockey and of Canada itself, as well as an excuse for boys being boys, with all of the aggressive idiocy, drunken profanity, and bloody brutality that involves. Entertaining stuff. I recommend it.

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Warning This film has very over the top dirty language. If that's not your thing don't post a review about this movie. On to the movie: I watched the movie with my wife who is not a huge sports fan at all. Neither does she like blood much. This movie had pretty much everything a man loves about a movie Action, Sports, Fights, Overcoming bull crap in your life. Then it throws in just enough of a romance to keep anyone else with a pulse interested in the rest of the movie. It's not too long, it's gets to the point and it pulls you in from the start if you're a hockey fan.

Just remember it's rated R.

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Who doesn't love a good underdog story? Add in the fact that this is based on a REAL person (man i love that guy)... and especially when he's hot and he gets the girl in the end... and along the way he beats the holy crap out of everyone who deserves it... the fight scenes were AWESOME and the story was memorable...the characters are absolutely irresistable. It makes me want a hockey guy of my own. In the meantime I'm going to rent this again and watch it a couple more times! He was totally blessed by the fist of God. :-)

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What is cool is this is based on a true story of a guy who used to box and who is now currently a police officer (seek out the documentary short about this guy). Also do not miss the end credits to see the real Doug fight it out!! :)

Had to watch this a 2nd time as I was laughing too hard and missed some of the jokes. Great movie! Can't remember the last time I wanted to see a movie twice but will buy for sure when it is released on Blu Ray (mabye latter this year?)

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