Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 DREAMLINER (2013)

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 787 DREAMLINERNot just the first 787 video in the Just Planes arsenal, one of the best videos there as well. Start with being 4:30 in length, with some filler, but not enough to become boring. Well spoken captains whose explanations are clear and thorough. Some excellent scenery, though a lot of cloud cover (it being near the equator and all) sometimes blocks the view of Africa.

While I would have been happier with a larger number of takeoffs and landings, we get enough, and from various angles of cockpit and external. There are fairly long stretches from different views, though Just Planes really needs to stop making a "movie" and just give us the video and let us choose the angle. For example, we do get lengthy external views on landing (not takeoff), but they sometimes jump 10 miles for no apparent reason, and we get African music, and creepy classical music, and no real sound at all, instead of ATC in the backgrounds. Just once, Just Planes, I'd like a flight with the first and last 15 minutes in cockpit with no interruptions, and the same 15 in the external view with no interruptions, both with the pilot and ATC communication.

That said, Ethiopian cross trains pilots to fly both the 777 and 787, and we see how the 787 cockpit can be configured to essentially mimic the 777 cockpit, but also can he heavily customized if the pilot prefers. We see many of the physical changes in the aircraft that makes it a new generation. We also learn a lot about how the aircraft uses electrical systems in place of hydraulic or mechanical systems for many functions, ironic as the aircraft is grounded at the time I write this because of battery issues.

All in all, well worth the time and money, a fine addition to the Blu-Ray library from Just Planes.

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