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Death Race 2 (Blu-ray + DVD) (2011)

Death Race 2After a bank robbery goes bad Carl Lucas (Goss) gets sent to prison. The crime boss who sent him out (Bean) is afraid he will testify against him and sends in assassins to the prison to make sure he doesn't. First of all, if you haven't seen the first "Death Race" I would start with that (you will get some of the call-backs), but I would say its more like the "Star Wars" can watch in either order and it will still make sense. I loved the first movie and was very leery about a direct to DVD prequel, but I was very surprised. There were a couple characters from the first one, along with a few "set-ups" that happen in the original movie. I would say this is more of an origin story, it explains the origins of the death race and the character of Frankenstein. Most sequels/prequels are never as good as the original (especially direct to DVD ones), but this is a rare exception. The first Death Race is still the better movie but this one holds up very well. I give it a B+.

I was skeptical about this movie seeing as I am a huge Jason Stathan fan but Luke Goss had me in the palm of his hand from about frame three.

Death Race 2 follows the story ,or leads you into it,I should say perfectly.

It starts off with death matches and when that starts to fizzle they decide to start Death Race.

It takes awhile to get to the actual racing but what precedes it is action packed and entertaining ,so much so you almost hope that it continues to stay with the death matches.

I love Danny Trejo and after seeing his full potential in Machete feel he was a bit wasted here,they could have expanded his character some.

They of course show the evolution of "Frankenstein" which was sad but effective. If you're a fan of Death Race you will like or love this movie.After viewing I immediately wanted to go and pop Death Race into my DVD player,and I did,it's like watching one long movie when you view them consecutively ..

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I was lucky enough to be in the audience of the Toronto premiere of this film 1/10/2011 and DR2 BLEW ME AWAY!!!

FIRST This movie was made as a PREQUEL to the movie with Jason Statham and this film is NOT about that character. Luke Goss plays Carl Lucas, Jason played Jensen Ames.

And as I have seen this I can tell you that it is absolutely FABULOUS!

It started fast and hard and I knew from that moment that we were all in for a heck of a film, and we were not disappointed!

The audience gasped and laughed, cheered and applauded. Luke Goss took you through the emotional transformation of Carl Lucas and made you feel it all!!

The effects and stunts made you lean toward the screen in anticipation and made you forgot that you were actually not a part of it.

The cast was perfectly chosen and the whole audience agreed that this film should have been a theater release!!

This movie is receiving much more positive reviews than negative... and MOST of the negative comes from people with preconceived ideas about it because it does NOT have Statham. Luke Goss is a STELLAR actor who did AWESOME in this movie. I HIGHLY recommend it and I can not wait for my pre-ordered dvd to arrive!

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Loving the Death Race series, starting with Death Race 2000, I was skeptical about a sequel as most movies fail to match or beat the predecessors. After watching this movie I came away very happy.

For those who don't know, this is a prequel of the series. In this movie they clue you in on how it all started and how Frankenstein came to be.

I bought this elsewhere and paid more to do so... would definitely recommend you buy it from here.

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Let me just first say that I fully realize that this move, the 2008 movie with Jason Statham and the original Roger Corman flick are all 'B' grade movies and I judge them on that level. I am a fan of Mad Max / Road Warrior type movies and the recent Death Race movies have been the only movies in that Car Wars genre for quite some time. I disagree with most who say that this is surperior to the 2008 film. It's clear that this movie has been made with the leftovers from that movie. I was expecting new characters and new cars (save Frankenstein's Mustang) what we get it the same cars with vaguely analogous characters Big Bill is no Machine Gun Joe, Sheik is no Reaper and so on. 14K is the only driver other than Frankenstein to be in both movies it seems like we could have seen more of the track history of the drivers in the first movie. The scenes with Sean Bean were clearly shot separately and edited in, as he never seems to interact with others ... the same is almost true of Ving Rhames.

In short, I wanted more combat car action and I got less and the bit that I got wasn't as fast paced and thrilling as the 2008 movie.

Who knows, maybe this series of films has done well enough to make a third film (death race 3000?) that would actually be a remake of the original

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