Sunday, July 6, 2014

Bonjour Tristesse (1958) (1958)

Bonjour TristesseThere are a lot of tears in the great Saul Bass opening credits and you find out why later in the film....the story is a little strange: David Niven plays a smooth talking father who cannot be faithful to any woman he is with--his teenage daughter calls him by his first name and seems to have no problem with what he is doing....very interesting film.... The video on the blu-ray is very good--mostly in color, with black and white thrown in here and there....the b/w sections of the film were supposedly filmed on color stock and then had the color removed, so these sections of the film look different from the usual b/w....the audio is very clear, and overall, a very good film....beautiful scenery, great score.... Excellent....except for David Niven's short shorts....and the girlie way he wears some of his shirts....

Classic movie and well done as a blu ray in general. A must for Niven and/or Kerr fans. 4.5 rounded down to 4

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